26 November 2022

Once upon a time, we had Turkish coffee, which only cheered up our coffee culture and taste. Whether at home or in a coffee shop, we have the usual belief that “A cup of coffee has forty years of memory.” For a long time, let alone shopping malls and shopping streets, coffee shops that have opened one after the other around us and even in our neighborhood; in other words, “new generation coffee shops” with a new definition have begun to emerge. Always have fragrant coffees and pleasant conversations as you pass by. In many coffee shops, from latte to cappuccino, espresso to Turkish coffee, you can find whatever you want. Let’s take a look at these coffees according to the way they are made.

The Harvest of Coffees: Turkish Coffee

There is hardly anyone among us who does not know the taste of Turkish coffee and how it is made. Turkish coffee, which was prepared in coffee pots when there were no machines in the past, can now be made with machines, together with the machines that have been released in recent years. But if we look at the traditional way of preparing coffee, one teaspoon of coffee and enough water for each cup is added for each cup. While making coffee on low heat, never mix too much so that the foam does not disappear.

Türk kahvesi

A Coffee from Around: Espresso

In abroad, especially in Italy and some European countries, it is common to drink espresso in those regions, just as Turkish coffee is drunk in order to suppress the food after meals. It is served in small cups because it is a strong and intense coffee. It is known that the pressure of boiled hot water must be high in order to make espresso. After this pressurized hot water passes through a certain amount of ground coffee (using a strainer, not a filter), strong and delicious espresso is prepared.

The Light Brother of Espresso: Americano

First of all, you need to know that you need to get espresso in order to make an Americano. Likewise, after making an espresso between 25 and 30 ml, it is enough to put 100 ml of boiled water on it. Here, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the water has rested for a minute or two before boiling. In short, we can say that espresso is ideal for people who have heavy drinking and taste. If you are one of those who like to taste light coffee, we can say that Americano is for you.


Ideal for Soft Taste Lovers: Latte

Making lattes is actually an art. In fact, the fine motifs made on the top of your coffee cup show how dexterous the person who makes this coffee is. The fact that these motifs can be made correctly is directly proportional to the correct density of the milk foam prepared. Espresso, some of the many coffees, also plays a leading role here. It is prepared as 100 – 120 ml milk and 40 ml foam on 30 ml espresso. Preparing glossy cream and microfoam is one of the tricks.


A Legendary Star: Cappuccino

Espresso again, which is a coffee-based coffee next. After the espresso is added to the cup, the steamed and heated milk at about 60-70 degrees is added to the same cup very slowly. The tricks to be considered in cappuccino making are that it does not contain large bubbles and has thick foam. Having a light brown cup edge and having the appearance of white milk are other important features that make a cappuccino a cappuccino. Keep in mind that it is an indispensable coffee for Italians.

A Timeless Coffee: Filter Coffee

Next up is a type of coffee that can be drunk at any time of the day. Filter coffee is a type of coffee that will make those who love the taste and smell of coffee very happy. The most important point in filter coffee, which we have the chance to prepare using a French press or coffee machine, is that it is freshly roasted and stored in conditions suitable for the nature of the coffee. Filter coffee that you can prepare in the machine by following the instructions for use, when using the French press, it will be enough to rest the boiling water and add 1.5 teaspoons of coffee. Be prepared to pour the hot water slowly and wait for 5 minutes in the press and crush it.

Filtre kahve

A Sweet Dream: Mocha

How about a delicious sweet dream? A beautifully made mocha can be sweet enough to take you away from the stress of the day. The combination of a dream of steam-heated milk and chocolate and a great espresso are just a few of the beauties you will feel while sipping your mocha. The milk in the glass is first heated so that it does not boil, and then the chocolate powder is placed on this milk. This milk and chocolate mixture is added to the espresso that has been transferred to the glass beforehand. As a final touch, the milk foam is added, and your delicious mocha is ready; welcome to the coffee.

Espresso and Milk: Cortado

Cortado is an ideal type of coffee for coffee lovers who love espresso but cannot drink it because it is too heavy. Considering the ratio, it seems appropriate to prepare this magnificent duo in a one-to-one ratio. So, 1 shot espresso, it is necessary to use up to 30 ml of espresso. After you prepare your espresso, the milk is heated, but it is the most desirable method to make a delicious cortado when it is heated to a creamy consistency. As a trick, be careful not to boil the milk.


1st Generation, 2nd and 3rd Generation Coffee Shops

It is not possible to talk about coffee and not mention 1st and 2nd generation coffee. 1st generation coffee is a very old habit. In this period, we are talking about the era of soluble and chemically processed powdered coffee. The second-generation period is when types such as latte, cappuccino, and espresso were made. It started in the 60s when serious coffee brands such as Starbucks and Nero introduced themselves to the market and to coffee lovers. Next is the 3rd generation coffee industry, the most popular and beautiful part of it is the geographical region, all kinds of roasting of coffee, the type of bean, and the amount of caffeine. All in all, coffee is a wonderful and insatiable culture, no matter what.

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