2 October 2022

Visa means a bit of hassle, preparing paperwork and preparing for the trip. Preparing the documents meticulously and properly is paramount because the slightest defect or mistake can prolong this process. Of course, these documents may vary depending on the country to be visited, the purpose of the visit, and even the type of passport, so we recommend that you carefully examine our article before this process and make your preparations accordingly.

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Visa Types by Country

First of all, let me state that there are visa types according to countries. For example, when entering the European Union countries, there are visa types specific to countries such as Schengen Visa, UK visa, Swiss visa for Switzerland, which is an EFTA country, American visa for America, Canadian visa for Canada. If you do not have a residence permit and citizenship to step into the country within its borders, you must obtain a visa, except for certain passports. Let's not go without mentioning that the necessary documents should be prepared and submitted within the applied visas.

Types of Visas by Purpose

The visas issued according to the purpose of going to the country also vary. For example, if you are traveling abroad for work and business purposes, a Work Visa must be applied. Or, if you are traveling for the purpose of sightseeing, it is requested to submit an application for a Tourist Visa. Apart from these, there are different alternatives such as Official Duty Visa if you are going for diplomatic purposes, Visa at the Door to get a visa at the entrance, Education or Student Visa if you are going for education, and Transit Visa for transit passes. The important point here is to apply for the visa that is really suitable for your purpose of travel and to make a correct and solid application to the relevant country.

Visa Documents

Preparing documents for visas really means a job in itself. It is very important to submit the required documents completely and completely in obtaining a visa. After the documents are submitted to the visa centers, even if you receive feedback to complete the deficiencies, in order to avoid this waste of time, it is at the top of the list of things to consider when getting a visa. For example, it is requested that your passport has a certain duration, especially when obtaining a visa. Submitting your passport under this period may lead to the rejection of your application. Among the application documents, there are important documents such as application form, biometric photo, passport, residence, approved hotel reservation, confirmed flight ticket or ferry reservation, personal bank account information, photocopy of identity card, international travel insurance. In this section, the required documents differ in categories such as retired, working or business owner, student.

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The Importance of a Bank Account When Obtaining a Visa

In most visa types, care must be taken to ensure that the bank account information to be submitted by the applicant is correct and the account balance is within the required amounts. The reason for this is very clear, this is seen as a kind of guarantee by the countries and it is seen as an indication that you do not need a visa and enter the country you will enter. The bank information to be submitted by the person entering the country is seen as a kind of convenience in obtaining a visa by showing that he has a certain income in the country where he lives. Therefore, when presenting your bank account information, make sure that your balance is not less than desired and that it is eye-catching.

Importance of Visa Photo

Visa documents and a photo type requested for the visa are always requested from the person requesting the visa. From the requesting country, make sure that the photo they want is appropriate. Pay attention to the size of the photo, its clarity or to have the desired mechanisms, and when taking the photo, make sure to show the country from which the photo was taken and the detail features, especially the place where you took the photo. Remember, the wrong photo on the visa may even mean that the visa request is extended.

Visa Appointment

Your visa documents, your photo and you are ready to get a visa in person. Let's say you made your appointment. But let's say you are in a situation where you can't go to your appointment, make sure to go to your appointment a little early or never be late, and if you can't go, definitely postpone it. Remember that even deferment has limits on some visa types. According to him, either go on time or if you can't go, postpone it to a certain time when you can go and definitely try not to postpone it again.

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Visa Application Fee

A certain fee is charged according to the visa or visa type requested by each country. This fee, as a visa fee, is usually given in EUR at the center where you apply. Or if you are applying online, it is also possible to apply by paying online. Depending on the visa country you will apply for, it is a great benefit to prepare the application fee before you go to the center for application. Then don't bother looking for an exchange office close to the center.

The Importance of Travel Health Insurance

In some countries, unwanted travel health insurance is actually a very important document. The scope of this document, which provides a service such as medicine for health problems you may encounter abroad, may vary according to the content of the policy. But generally, travel health insurance is a document that covers health-related costs that are international emergencies.

What is an e-Visa?

One of the innovations that entered our lives with the pandemic was the E-visa, that is, the Online visa. In this type of visa, you can apply online to the country you want to go to. Thus, waste of paperwork is avoided and a more practical application is made. Turkey is among the countries that apply this visa type for now. Countries such as Georgia, Kenya, India, Armenia, USA, New Zealand, Cambodia, Moldova, Uganda and Uzbekistan are some of the countries that issue these E-Visas.

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