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2 February 2021
Güncelleme Tarihi: 15 February 2021

We all dream about travelling the world, meeting new people, experiencing as much as we can, and living our lives to the fullest and freest. 

The dream of travelling the world on our own helps us to get to know ourselves better, strive on our own, increase our confidence, and create a new meaningful story to tell in the future. Sometimes, such a challenging but also a perfect idea can be hard to achieve due to economic reasons or family pressure. Those who overcome all such obstacles and take on this journey are the ones who took their first steps to become travelers. Today, we listed Female Travelers who overcame all these challenges and transformed their lives into stories.

Let us share their stories.

1- Bilinmeyen Rota – Tuğçe

Travelling was Tuğçe’s childhood dream and now, she is a female traveler who has travelled to over 15 countries. She always wanted to fly freely like a bird, instead of putting down roots like a tree. She crossed the ocean in a cargo streamer and took extended train rides. Tuğçe constantly talked to her friends about her passion to travel, but she never could take that first step. One day, she quit her job of 7 years and set out on a journey.

Her advice for women dreaming about travelling on their own is not letting anyone say that you cannot do it. She says, “have confidence in yourself and decide”, and that the rest will follow. If you want to have a piece of this free traveler’s route, follow her at

2- Çok Okuyan Çok Gezen – Sevil Mert

Sevil Mert is another female traveler who got so sick of corporate life and dreamt about travelling for many years. With her experience of and adventures in over 60 countries, her blog is one of Turkey’s best travelling blogs. She shares all the details about how she plans for her next trip, what she has learned in which country, what she has gone through, and many other subjects. You can follow Sevil Mert for many instructive and teaching tips at 

3- Dünya Çok Güzel, Gezsene! – Esrageziyor

Her travelling adventure starts with a plane ticket to Zurich her father purchased as a university graduation gift. Esra usually travels with her husband, but her first trip was to Barcelona and that made her feel better. In their recent trips, Esra usually goes to a country first and her husband follows her after a couple days. This way, they can travel the world together. She shares many tips about affordable travelling and cheap tickets on her blog and YouTube channel. Follow her at

4- Hayat ve Seyahat – Fatma

Fatma Ölçücü has travelled to 39 countries so far. She is into the IT industry and she has lived in Germany for many years. Because she was not able to travel due to economic reasons when she was younger, she decided to travel every chance she gets after she started to earn her living. She started writing about her experiences and know-how to help other people. That’s how her blog, Hayat ve Seyahat was created. Follow her at to learn about her experiences.

5 -  Oitheblog- Öykü ve İdil

Welcome to the blog of two close traveler friends. Standing for Öykü and İdil’s initial letters and meaning “Hello”, Oi the Blog contains every experience of the two buddies from travelling to coffee. Coming from different backgrounds and working in different industries, the two friends started with low-budget travels but later expanded their opportunities through sponsorships to create 

“If you think life is constantly coming at you, then you only need to travel...” - Figen Karaaslan


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