8 April 2022

Ramadan, the sultan of the eleven months, is coming. So, what to eat, how to eat, what kind of sports to do, what to pay attention to in order to have a healthier Ramadan during this holy and blessed month of fasting and sahur? Let's take a look at the answers to these questions together.

Never Skip Sahur During Ramadan

Yes, sahur is one of the most important times of Ramadan. During this period, it is absolutely necessary to get up from sleep and the most valuable nutrients for the body should be consumed correctly in order not to get too hungry and thirsty until the performance. Especially in sahur, fatty, salty and heavy foods should be avoided and satiating, fibrous and natural foods should be preferred instead. For example, a proper breakfast can be spent with a proper breakfast accompanied by full-on eggs, cucumbers, low-salt curd and precipitate, milk and cheese with plenty of vitamins, yogurt, fibrous or cereal breads. If you want to eat foods that keep you fuller until iftar, whole grain breads, soup as liquid, lentils from legumes, beans, chickpeas and wheat rice, especially various meat dishes as baked or pot dishes, various vegetables, may be more suitable alternatives.


Avoid consuming deli products such as sausages and all kinds of other foods especially in the form of frying so that it does not make you thirsty. Also, if you feel like having a little sweet snack on your mind, instead of heavy, syrupy desserts, opt for products that will both dull your self and not tire your stomach, such as fruits, apples, apricots, milk desserts. In addition, almonds, nuts and walnuts can be consumed.

Take Care of a Healthy and Balanced Diet in Iftar

The gun exploded and it was time for iftar. Now the important thing in this process is not to suddenly load into the stomach. Since blood sugar is low at this time, there will be a desire to snack quickly. Driinking glasses of water or eating quickly and much is definitely something to avoid. However, first of all, it is necessary to take care of an extremely heavy and balanced diet for the well-being of your stomach during iftar time. For this, iftar time can be started with a glass of water, which is drunk slowly in order to prevent dehydration. Then low-salt cheese, olives, tomatoes or a bowl of soup will help to gradually calm the pitiful stomach, facilitate digestion and take the necessary vitamins. After a rest of about 10 or 15 minutes, a nice salad can be resumed with a low-fat meat dish in the pot or oven with vegetables next to it. The food portion should be fed in the form of balanced portions little by little, rather than especially large portions. By the way, do not forget to consume iftar by chewing it repeatedly instead of eating fast. Also, if you want an after-dinner dessert at iftar, try to postpone it for an hour or two. You can also benefit from flavors such as milk desserts, fruits, compote (pleasantaf) instead of syrupy, abundant sugar or heavy desserts, as in sahur.


Pay Attention to Light Exercise During Ramadan

Sports is both a proven fact by clinical studies and a lifestyle adopted by those who choose this healthy life, especially when walking, running lightly or exercising outdoors is always beneficial to the body. During Ramadan, the importance of light walks and exercises without exaggeration is very great in that you can burn what you eat comfortably and provide yourself with a healthy sleep process until the end of the month. . According to your habit, short or medium distance walks that will be done in the period about an hour or two after iftar will help you relax both your stomach and your head. Of course, it goes without saying that you should not do sports or brisk walking immediately after iftar, when your stomach is full and fasting, because this state of movement will tire you out.

What should be done to minimize and prevent dehydration during Ramadan?

During the day while fasting, a certain loss of fluid occurs in your body due to the insmunity of water. In order to pass this fluid loss in the most harmless way in iftar and sahur, care should be taken to consume herbal teas such as milk, buttermilk, linden, rosehip, melis, chamomile, fennel, ginger, plain soda as well as water. If you are a coffee and tea enthusiast, make sure to drink water with it when consuming these drinks. Considering that healthy individuals should consume at least 2 or 2.5 liters, or between 10 and 14 cups of water, it is recommended that this water deficiency be consumed intermittently in the period between iftar and sahur, rather than liquids to be drunk at a time.


Things to Consider When Working During Ramadan

Since you will be fasting during business hours, try to prepare your work in advance, use your energy in moderation and establish the balance of work and life in a way that does not tire you, in case you are hungry and thirsty. Especially at night, going to bed early without exaggerating, you get some rest until dawn, so it's not difficult to get up for work in the morning. In addition, by lying down at reasonable hours and balancing your sleep, you do not immediately go to bed after the ceremony and strain your stomach. By organizing your challenging work or meetings in the morning, you can take advantage of time periods where you can be more efficient.ramazan-4

Finally, if you have a chronic condition or a special health condition in order to fast comfortably due to a different diet during this blessed and sacred period, never forget to consult a health care provider, family physician, doctor or nutritionist to have the necessary examinations.

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