12 April 2022
Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 April 2022

Ramadan, the month of sharing, unity, cooperation, the sultan of eleven months, has arrived, welcome.

While we re-remember our most important human values and live the beauty of sharing, special events are held all over our beautiful country in accordance with this meaningful month. There are some in particular that make the hearts of those who sigh, "Oh, where are those old Ramadans?" tremble. Now is the time to talk about the events at İstanbul Airport.

İstanbul Airport, which shares the enthusiasm of its guests with various activities, is reviving the old Ramadan atmosphere from Karagöz-Hacivat to cotton candy, based on the idea that happiness increases as they share.

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Let's take a look at ramadan events that take place at İstanbul Airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the world and winners of many awards, especially "Air Transport Awards" awards in 2021 and 2022.

Ramadan Spirit İs Happening at İstanbul Airport       

It is possible to experience past Ramadans, introduce young guests to the old Ramadan customs, and share your children with these entertainments while having fun, at İstanbul Airport, which knows the sanctity of this month and organizes events accordingly.

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From The (Orta oyunu) Middle Play characters Kavuklu and Pişekar to Karagöz Hacivat Shadow Game, famous Drummer Ali Kuka to Wooden Leg character, shadow, puppet and meddah plays, Fenerci and His Cat, various music concerts such as ney and kanun, fun dances, you can find all the activities you miss. In addition to all this, traditional treats such as cotton candy, paste and sherbet especially conquer the hearts of children. After tasting these colorful and delicious sweets, children can enjoy toys such as ferris wheel and carousel in the playground specially prepared for them, while the elders can watch and participate in art activities reminiscent of our history, such as the Wood Carving Workshop and the Traditional Turkish Marbling Art Workshop within İstanbul Airport.

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Activities That Come to Mind When It Comes to Ramadan

When we think of Ramadan, Karagöz and Hacivat come to mind first. Karagöz and Hacivat Shadow Play, which is one of the important leading actors in Turkish-Ottoman theatre history, have been traditional guests of Ramadan entertainments throughout history. Especially during this period, foods and beverages reminiscent of ancient times, such as sherbet, paste and cotton candy, have also become symbols of this holy month. The kanun and ney performance held after the iftar rest both the body and the soul after fasting.


These traditions, which remind us of the meaning and beauty of Ramadan, are extremely important in terms of reminding the countless guests at the airport both at home and abroad. Children who are happy with the activities on one side, foreign passengers who are greeted and witness our traditions with colorful treats on the one hand, and on the other hand, local passengers who try to relieve the tiredness and travel stress of the day with some colorful images... These events, which cause a happy smile on everyone's face, including the employees, are truly worthy of the spirit of Ramadan.


İn which areas of İstanbul Airport do Ramadan Events take place?

Let's explain immediately to those who say what activity is in İstanbul Airport, which has a duty to make its passengers happy. Beautiful events, 1. Zone G Upper Floor, 2. Zone G2, 3. Region AB Knuckle, 4. Zone İstanbul Article and 5. Zone Diamond, the area takes place in five different regions of the airport.

At the airport, which is specially decorated with an atmosphere for Ramadan, some activities are organized by the wandering teams to attract all passengers from 7 to 77.

By clicking here, you can find the detailed calendar for these events.


What We Don't Know About İstanbul Airport, Which Has Been Awarded Numerous Awards

Istanbul Airport, which opened its doors on 29 October 2018 with a high-level participation of presidents and prime ministers from countries such as Cyprus, Kosovo, Serbia, Sudan, Macedonia, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Moldova, Qatar, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Qatar, has a capacity of 90 million passengers in an area of 76.5 million square meters. İstanbul Airport, which has broken new ground in Turkish aviation with its opening, is proud to serve countless passengers without interruption with its modern design and architecture with the awards it receives on behalf of our country.

The airport, which served approximately 124,949,237 passengers from April 2019 to April 2022, carries its passengers waiting to be reunited with each other at 262 destinations. İstanbul Airport, which managed to take second place in the 'World's Best Awards 2021' survey organized by Travel and Leisure magazine with a score of 91.7 in the 'World's Top 10 Airports' ranking, always keeps customer satisfaction at the top by being awarded numerous awards with its technological infrastructure and facilities.

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On this occasion, we celebrate the Ramadan festival of the entire İslamic world and wish you many more beautiful Ramadan Festival that you can spend with your loved ones.

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