5 May 2022

Istanbul, the capital of culture and art, is full again with the May program. Istanbul, which hosts many other events such as theatre, cinema, concerts and workshops, continues to offer cultural and artistic opportunities that will make you feel good. May, the harbinger of summer that will allow you to get tired of an entire winter, makes Istanbul more fun. Here we have compiled for you the events of May that keep the pulse of the city.

Mayıs Tiyatro

Theatre Events


The play, Alone, tells the story of Susan, who is preparing to embark on a trip to Australia with friends in her twenties, this time on her own, in a bid to make a new change at her new age.

"Here I am again... With the same hopes and dreams... And with an extra 40 years of bagage.

Susan's "Honeybee of Loneliness", which tries to follow its fate in the questioning, fun, sad and chaotic world of loneliness, takes the audience on a journey full of hope and adventure...

"I'm really alive. I'm living in the moment as it is. I'm not just living, I'm living...

Sip, drink blood... You're not going to sip, you're going to drink straight..."   SUSAN

Date: 5- 6 May 2022, 18:00

Location: İstanbul, AKM Multipurpose Hall

Ticket: Biletinial

Suit "Wedding Was Yesterday, Today is Today"

For those who want to have fun, the absurd comedy-style suit "Wedding Was Yesterday,Today is Today" is about the experiences of a couple preparing for a new life in a hotel suite.

Date: 8 -22 May 2022, 19:30

Location: Trump Stage

Ticket: Biletinial

1984 – Major Detention

Based on 1984, a 1949 novel by The English writer George Orwell, Goldstein, the leader of an underground organization, is seen as the enemy of this society. With Winston, the novel's lead character, involved in a variety of events, the novel will leave a number of questions in readers' minds: Are Big Brother and Goldstein really alive? 1984 (The Great Detention), which brings Orwell's dystopia to theater audiences, brings the community order, which is exhibited in the novel and is almost a "great detention", to life on the stage.

Date: 21 May 2022, 20:30

Location: Beylikdüzü Ataturk Culture and Arts Center

Ticket: Biletinial

Memoir of A Madman

Written by Gogol, in which Erdal Beşikçioglu performs magnificently, " Memoir of A Madman " is described in a dramatic and humorous way, based on what is written in the memoir of an obsessive civil servant.

Date: 20 May 2022, 20:30

Location: Bostancı Show Center

Ticket: Biletix

Mayıs Orkestra

May Show Events

The Sea of Love

The Sea of Love, directed by Okan Bayülgen and told the story of Tansel Öngel, is at Dada Salon Kabarett. Love begins as a one-man and then spreads, he said, to those who come to listen to him. But it's a fire shirt, not everyone can wear it, let's just say you're wearing it, not everyone can pass out. This narrative is the story of the lover Deniz looking for him again in "The Sea of Love", in which he lost his way. In the story written by Erdal Şahin, narrator Tansel Öngel sings with his 6-member orchestra and includes the audience in this performance.

Date: 29 May 2022, 20:00

Place: Dada Salon Kabarett

Ticket: Biletix

The Code of Emotions with Tunç Akkoç

"I'm here with an interactive one-man show.

I sweetened the conversation I brought from radio to the stage with 45 songs, poems and stories.

We meet in a conversation program that makes you think, partially appeal to reason and logic, and where emotions are bleached when listening in a cause-and-effect relationship.

I'm waiting for anyone who has an idea about emotion and password."

Date: 14 May 2022, 16:30

Place: BKM Kitchen Bazaar

Ticket: Biletix


May Concert Events

Presents 100% Music: Spring in Istanbul

The city's entertainment oasis, Little Farm Park, heralds our transformation into good days after a long break with "100% Music Presents: Spring in Istanbul" on Saturday, May 7th! On stage, Goran Bregovic Wedding & Funeral Band, Shantel, BaBa ZuLa and Ahırkapı Grand Roman Orchestra will be on stage, and Istanbul residents will dance all day long, meet their friends and be filled with flavors cooked on giant barbecues. "Spring in Istanbul", where we will celebrate the arrival of spring and being together again, will be the beginning feast of unforgettable days to be experienced again.

Date: 7 May 2022, 15:00

Place: Küçükçiftlik Park

Ticket: Biletix

An Epic Symphony - Karsu

Karsu, a Dutch-born artist of Turkish descent, who gave numerous concerts in important world countries such as America, England, Germany and France, is now the constant name of Istanbul Night Flight. An Epic Symphony, an international award-winning project of Events Across Turkey that has become a cult hit, welcomes Karsu back on May 24, 2022 with the Night Flight Symphony Orchestra.

Date: 24 May 2022, 21:00

Location: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Outdoor Theatre

Ticket: Biletix

April Workshop Events


Workshop Events

MSA - Pies & Tarts

With the training "Pies and Tarts", you will learn how to make pies and tarts in different flavors from inner mortar to dough, sweet and savory, and carry MSA-specific recipes to your table. We're in the kitchen. Expect.


• Pastry cream and strawberry mini tart

• Mushroom and turkey smoked quixote

• Cherry chocolate tart

Date: 28 May 2022, 10:00

Place: Academy of Culinary Arts (MSA)

Ticket: Biletix

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