5 May 2022

With the arrival of spring, our hearts are also restless. Especially young people are getting ready to experience all the beauties of May to the fullest with outdoor activities because it comes with spring festivals! These days, when the effect of the pandemic is starting to wane, seems to be a good start to embrace nature, socialize and enjoy life. Here are the most beautiful May youth festivals we have chosen for you...

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1. MillionFest Cappadocia and Pamukkale

Cappadocia, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists annually, is hosting a music festival for young people this time. The festival, which will take place on 04-05-06-07 May, will be held in the garden of Emin Koçak Hotel. If you choose to buy a combined ticket at the festival, which costs 90 TL per day, you have to pay 150 TL. If you want to stay there and enjoy Cappadocia while you are there, the camp and the combined ticket cost 200 TL. The festival brings together Turkey's most beloved artists and will feature a variety of artists such as Duman, Ceza, Sertab Erener, Athena, Pinhani and Selda Bağcan. The festival will be held between 12.00 and 23.30.

If you cannot go on these dates, you can participate in the MillionFest on 27-28-29 May in Pamukkale, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The daily ticket varies between 70 and 90 TL, while the combined ticket price ranges from 120-150 TL. This festival will host artists such as Manga, Pentagram and Cem Adrian.

2. Istanbul Tuzla Youth Festival

The festival, the first of which will be held, starts on May 6th at Tuzla Viaport Marina Fairgrounds.  Tickets for the festival, where a total of 6 singers such as Sefo and Heijan will perform, are 175 TL and the front-of-stage ticket is 325 TL. The start time of the festival is 15.00.

3. CityFest'22

Kenan Doğulu, Duman, Mabel Matiz, Buray and Purple and Beyond group meet with the audience respectively at this youth festival, which will be held in Diyarbakir on 10-11-12-13-14 May. It is possible to find tickets between 100 and 140 TL at the festival, where ticket prices vary according to the seating arrangement. The five-day youth festival will take place every day at Diyarbakir Stadium from 12.00 to 23.30.

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4. Çukurova Rock Festival

The festival, which will be held by the organizers of MillionFest, brings together rock lovers in Adana and other cities. The festival, which will be held for the fourth time, will feature Turkey's most respected Rock, Pop and Rap artists. The festival will be held on 12-13-14-15 May and will feature artists such as Athena, Gazapizm, MFÖ, Manga and Madrigal at Bacardi Birbiçer Facilities. The daily ticket price is 120, the combined ticket is 260 and the camp-combined ticket is 280 TL. The festival will be held between 13.00-23.30 and will also be broadcast live on Million TV channel.

5. Sakarya Music Festival

On May 13-14-15, a full youth festival awaits Clumsy people and people from all over Turkey at Del Lago Hotel. In addition to dj and MC performances, important artists from Turkey such as Hayko Cepkin and Sagopa Kajmer will perform at the Sakarya Music Festival. The daily ticket for the festival is 160 TL and the combined ticket is 400 TL. The event will continue daily from 15.00 to 23.55.

6. Samsun Youth Festival

The festival, which will be held on 19-20-21-22 May, is the largest festival in the Black Sea. The third youth festival this year will be held at Sheraton Grand Beach from 12.00 – 23.30. Especially when may 19th falls on Youth and Sports Day, you will have the chance to celebrate your youth holiday with famous artists this year. Daily tickets at the festival start at 120 TL and the combined ticket starts at 260 TL. At the festival, you can see artists such as Adamlar, Eypio and Gazapizm, and enjoy the beautiful city of Samsun.

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7. Trakya Music Festival

The Trakya Music Festival, which won the award as the best festival in Biletix's Ticket of the Year event organized in 2019, will be held in The Rose Invitation Garden on May 20-21-22 in Edirne. The festival will be repeated in Enez in July and Erikli in August. Starting from 220 TL, Edis brings together many artists such as Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut and Yeni Türku with music lovers.  For three days, you can enjoy the festival from 14.00 to 23.30.

8. Kütahya Youth Festival

Norm Ender, Zakkum, Blue Gray, Emir Şamur and Mehmet Kılıç will perform at the two-day festival, which will be held in Kütahya Urban Forest on May 21-22. The general entry price is 134.50 TL and tickets are also offered for sale with the 1 Area One Free campaign. The youth festival is waiting for you between 15.00-23.30.

9. Watsons Youth Festival

Watsons Youth Festival, where the famous cosmetics brand Watsons will organize the first one, will be held on May 28th at Santralistanbul Campus. Turkey's leading singers such as Athena, Gazapizm and Two-on-Ten Kala will feed young people to their musical tastes at the festival, which is set to open this year. The opening of the festival will be 13.00 and will continue until 24.00. The ticket price of the festival is 270 TL.

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10. Neon Festival

Neon Festival, a music and art festival that can be given as an example of an alternative festival, is ready to entertain art lovers with music and art exhibition at Istanbul LifePark. The festival will run from 10 a.m. to 11:55 p.m. on May 28th. The festival is dominated by DJs and electronic bands and features foreign musicians such as Ace Ventura, Aslandj, Gusgus, Ikaru and Juno Reactor.  The event ticket price is 250 TL.

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