9 May 2022

The festival of the children continues in May with Vialand. Our lucky family of six, who answered the questions of our fun mini quiz and shared the result with their friends, won Vialand Theme Park and Jungle Istanbul entrance tickets, which they can enjoy until the end of this year.

Vialand Theme Park Winners

!ordzeus (@lordzeus34)

Selda Güler (@Ares_Guler)

Gülsevin (@sevgi094104689)

Jungle İstanbul Winners

Demet Erkeser

güzçiğdemi (@_kinaye_)

ganimet (@ganimet48842422)

As Flyista, we wish our lucky families a day full of fun and joy in advance. About to meet with brand new surprises.

Don't forget to tag us when you share your Vialand experiences on social media so that we can share in your happiness :)


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