3 May 2021

Are you ready to meet the 5 most famous meat dishes that have become popular in the world food Atlas?



Anticucho - Peru, South America

The origin of Anticucho, which is very popular in all of South and Central America, especially Peru, dates back to the old centuries. Although it was seen in the original recipe of the 16th century that llama meat was marinated and then cooked directly on the fire, this recipe changed over time, and beef replaced llama meat.

The dish, made by skewering or grilling beef heart in small pieces, has a slightly fruity aroma as it is marinated with red wine vinegar, garlic, and spices before cooking and is found in street cars called “Anticucheras” almost everywhere in Peru. Anticuchois one of Peru’s most popular street foods, and it is generally accompanied by corn and potatoes.

Steak au poivre - France

Steak au poivre is claimed to have been originated in Normandy in the 19th century and forms the basis of typical French cuisine. It is made from beef steak covered with ground black pepper and fried. The mealis served with the sauce cooked in the same pan as the steak, and it is usually consumed with the salad. Steak au poivre, which is on the menu of many famous restaurants today, is also known as a powerful aphrodisiac due to the pepper covering it. A French cognac or brandy is necessarily used in the authentic version of the recipe.



Wine Kebab- Bulgaria

Wine Kebab is one of the most famous traditional dishes in Bulgaria, and the meat is blended with wine, vegetables, and spices. The casserole, in which the beef is cooked with various vegetables such as carrots and celery after being fried, and finally turns into a very dark sauce with red wine, is flavored with bay leaf and allspice, especially in winter. In traditional Bulgarian restaurants, it is decorated with parsley and served with rice pilaf.

Kleftiko - Greece

Kleftiko, whose name is said to come from the mountain rebels Klephts, who stole food and cooked it underground during the Greek revolution, is a typical Greek dish cooked by baking lamb or goat meat wrapped in aluminum foil. While there are juicy versions stewed in a bowl with potatoes, the most popular form of cooking is foil because, given the process of its name emergence, the heat and smell should not smell out while cooking. The meal is still indispensable for festivals, especially outdoor events, served with red peppers and tomatoes.



PabellonCriollo - Venezuela

PabellonCriollo, which consists of steak slices cooked with black beans, white rice, and tomatoes, is a traditional Venezuelan dish known as ”cowboys’ favorite dish.” If you pay attention to the colors on the plate, you will notice that the ingredients that make up the dish are in the color of the national flag. The strongest theory about this decadent meal, for which there is no clear information about its origin, is that it emerged in the colonial period during the 16th century. Often served with feta cheese, there are also versions of Pabellon criollo served with fried eggs (such as Pabellon a Caballo).