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1 December 2021
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There is undoubtedly a season in everyone’s heart. Some like summer, some like autumn, when the leaves turn red… However, there is the fact that every season has its own unique beauty. In the winter months, it is legendary with its white cover, hot drinks, and fireside conversations. We have compiled for you the countries where you can experience these pleasant moments to the fullest, with landscapes like postcards. If you are planning a winter holiday, one of the countries we have compiled may be the right location for you.


We have many reasons to put Norway at the top of the list of countries to visit in winter. Norway, a Scandinavian country, is located in the northern part of the European continent. Apart from this feature, Oslo, the capital of the country, is also essential because of the opportunities in the city. Whether it is to be visited in winter or summer, with its historical buildings and museums, it is one of the must-see places, especially for those who enjoy cultural trips. However, there are quite a lot of activities to be held in winter, not in all seasons of the year. 


One of them is the dog sled activity, which you can experience or witness. Undoubtedly, this experience will take you to a fairy-tale past. 

Another notable event to be held in Norway in winter is the Northern Lights, which is recommended to be watched in the city of Tromso. It would be worth a trip to Norway just to see this fascinating natural phenomenon, but we must add ice hotels, ice fishing pleasure, unique landscapes, and famous winter festivals to all these.


Next is Kosovo, one of the ideal spots for those who love winter sports and do not want to go beyond their budget economically. Pristina is the capital and largest settlement of the country, located in the southeast of Europe. When Kosovo tourism is mentioned, winter tourism comes to mind first.

The country, which has a continental climate, has heavy snowfalls, and its regional structure is very suitable for skiing. Brezovica, which is located on the skirts of the Shar Mountains, is the heart of the country’s ski tourism. The ski center, which consists of two regions, hosts many tourists thanks to its affordable prices.


Hungary is a landlocked Central European country. Its capital is Budapest, which was formed by the merging of the previously separate cities of Buda and Pest. The country has managed to enter the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List due to its many historical and architectural structures. 


It is said that the ideal season for those who want to see Hungary is the winter months. The legendary landscapes that emerged in the country and the hot springs it has have made Hungary one of the famous addresses for winter holidays. The glittering ornaments added to the snow-covered streets, especially during New Year’s Eve, create postcard-like images. If we add the pleasure of the spa to the beauty of the resulting landscape, we are faced with an attractive holiday option for both having fun and resting. 

Since Hungary is famous for its hot springs, it is pretty developed in thermal tourism and spa. It would be correct to say that this place is the most beautiful meeting point of cold and warm rest with a unique view.

Czech Republic

The other name of the Czech Republic, which is a Central European country, is Czechia, and its capital is Prague. In addition to being the capital city, Prague has become one of the most famous cities in the world with its history, architecture, and culture. 

One of the most important reasons why this country is on the list of visits to be made during the winter months is its capital, which is called a fairy tale city. Prague is a city adorned with colorful buildings and phaetons, where cathedrals, bridges, and castles have managed to preserve their historical texture. Prague, where historical textures and chirpy colors meet, is a masterpiece for those who love to take pictures, especially in winter. This fairy tale city, where history is covered in white, is an indispensable stop for tourists for the winter months.


The last country we will mention is the Philippines, whose capital is Manila. Many parts of the country have managed to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. While the countries mentioned so far are ideal for those who want to enjoy the winter, the Philippines is for those who want to take a summer vacation even in winter. In the Philippines, which consists of islands, you can enjoy the sea, and its natural beauties offer a fantastic holiday opportunity.


Yılın her ayında denize girilebilen ülke, soğuk kış aylarında denizi ve kumsalı özleyenler için en doğru adreslerden biri. Adalardan oluşan Filipinler’de denizin tadına varabileceğiniz gibi doğal güzellikleri de harika bir tatil imkânı sunuyor. 

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