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2 April 2024

The month of April, when the sun begins to show its warm face, promises to be a month full of art for Istanbulites. You can participate in many cultural and artistic events throughout April 2024 and fully enjoy the joy of spring. If you are wondering what events await Istanbulites in April 2024, we recommend that you take a look at the April 2024 Istanbul Culture-Art Events that we have specially selected for you.

Istanbul April Concerts

İstanbul Nisan 2024-1

Nigel Kennedy

Nigel Kennedy, who won the hearts of even those who are not familiar with classical music with his 2 million-selling album, which entered the Guinness Book of Records, will meet his audience at Atatürk Cultural Center on April 7, 2024. Don't forget to buy your tickets now so you don't miss this enjoyable evening.

Location: Ataturk Cultural Center

Date: April 7, 2024, 21.00

Ceylan Ertem “Sezen Aksu Tribute”

Listening to Sezen Aksu's songs that have a place in our hearts with Ceylan Ertem's unique interpretation seems to be a completely different experience. If you want to sing along with your favorite songs and get enough of the music in this concert that the audience cannot stop talking about, you can take your place in Ceylan Ertem's Sezen Aksu Tribute concert.

Venue: JJ Arena

Date: April 19, 2024, 21.00

Büyük Ev Ablukada-Defansif Dizayn

Büyük Ev Ablukada, which adds new members to its solid audience day by day with their new album Defansif Dizayn, gets full marks from the audience with its show that resembles a musical rather than a concert. Consisting of musicians who are also theater actors, Büyük Ev Ablukada meets its fans with a show specially designed for the Ataşehir DasDas stage every month. We think you should not miss this special concert.

Location: DasDas

Date: 19-20 April 2024, 22.00

Ata Demirer Casino

Ata Demirer Casino, which we do not know in which category to put it in, theater or concert, is preparing to meet its audience by opening its curtains again after 3 years. Comedian/actor Ata Demirer, whom we all love to watch, sings many unforgettable songs from Turkish classical music classics to opera, from tavern music to pop, while also delighting the audience with his laughter-filled stories. If you want to gift yourself a night where you will be satisfied with both music and laughter, you can immerse yourself in the wind of this casino by Ata Demirer.

Location: Volkswagen Arena

Date: 18.04.2024, 21.00

Istanbul April Theaters

İstanbul Nisan 2024-2

The Miser

Semaver Kumpanya, which successfully staged Moliere's famous work The Miser looks set to continue playing to a sold-out house in April. The Cimri play, brought to life by Serkan Keskin with his much-talked-about performance, is in its seventh season this year. If you haven't watched it before, don't miss this legendary play, which will be staged twice in Istanbul this month.

Location: Environmental Theater

Date: 28.04.2024, 15.30

Nobody Told Me What Happened

İbrahim Selim, who was deemed worthy of the Afife award in 2016, is on stage again to give his audience an unforgettable experience with Nobody Told Me What Happened. This one-man play by Selim, who plays a 44-year-old married man with children, is among our most recommended events of April.

Location: Zorlu PSM

Date: April 2, 2024, 20.30

Family Lies

Adapted from Nermin Yıldırım's book "Sığmayan in the Suitcase", Aile Yalanları is a masterpiece crowned with the extraordinary acting of Melisa Sözen, Ülkü Duru and Müfit Kayacan. You will want to watch this family story, which is both bittersweet, joyful and very familiar, over and over again.

Location: Zorlu PSM

Date: April 4, 2024, 21.00


Whale, which is well known to those who follow the Academy Awards, was brought to the theater stage under the direction of İbrahim Çiçek. Moreover, the leading roles are shared by actors such as Enis Arıkan, Şebnem Bozoklu, Yağız Can Konyalı, Helin Kandemir, whom we all know and love very much. Whale play will meet its audience 5 times throughout April.

Location: Zorlu PSM

Date: 5-6-20-21(Matinee/Soiree) 2024, Various times

Istanbul April Children's Activities

İstanbul Nisan 2024-3

Let's talk about fun activities that children will enjoy. Let's see what awaits the little ones in Istanbul in April.

April 23 Children's Festival

Shows, competitions, clowns, workshops... This festival has everything you want in terms of entertainment. April 23 Children's Festival, where you can enjoy the excitement of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day for 4 days, promises lots of fun for all children.

Location: Milyos Beach Kilyos

Date: 20-23 April 2024, 12.00

Istanbul Children's Festival

The festival, which set out with the motto "Festival of Children of All Ages", seems to win the hearts of April 23 children again with its fun and exciting activities.

Location: 42 Venue Maslak

Date: April 23, 2024, 10.30

Who Came: Picasso and the Color of Emotions

This workshop, where little painters will meet Picasso, dive into the world of various dramas and stories inspired by his life story, and discover colors that will express their own emotions, will please parents looking for an alternative activity for their children.

Location: Sakıp Sabancı Museum

Date: April 27, 2024, 15.00


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