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4 March 2022

Every day is special and grateful for women who are all over life today and yesterday. When the dates show March 8th every year, it is the most exuberant time to show love and thanks to women. There are countless events that can be done for this special day, which has been celebrated for years to show our love and gratitude.

For this special day, which is very close, numerous events have already started to be created from all over the country for March 8th. If you haven't yet planned for this exuberant week of March 8th, where everyone can find an event that suits them and their tastes, you've come to the right address. So we have compiled the most beautiful March 8 events for you from the whole country, where you can make today even more special for your mother, sister or partner. Here are the most special March 8 events worth attending from the whole country!

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1- Concert: Le Culture de la Pop

Make this special day even more memorable with this wonderful concert, where you can also benefit from a free campaign for a special area for Women's Day. Be prepared to experience the joy of the day with your loved ones while listening to enjoyable pieces from each other. You will have a lot of fun at Bornova Stage with Populist, DJ Stella and Cem Yalçınkaya.

Date: 8 March, 2022 Tuesday - 20:30

Location: Bornova Stage, İzmir

2- Theatre: "45 Seconds"

How would you like to meet your loved ones in a delightful play on this special day? Don't forget to take advantage of discounted day for the game, which will feature complex moments in the world of inner voices in a 45-second moment. Don't forget to book your place for a special evening where you can enjoy art and entertainment together.

Date: 8 March, 2022 Tuesday - 20:30

Location: Kültüral Performing Arts, İstanbul

3- Concert: Sertab Erener Concert

Sertab Erener, who has reigned with her voice and performances in the hearts of almost everyone from the whole country, is meeting with her lovers in Uşak, which is special for İnternational Women's Day on March 8. With the beautiful Sertab Erener songs, will be good for your ears. Set your plans for the event, which will take place at Atatürk Cultural Center.

Date: 8 March, 2022 Tuesday - 20:00

Location: Atatürk Cultural Center, Uşak

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4- Theatre: Nazım Hikmet's Immortal Love: Piraye

Piraye, the main protagonist of Nazım Hikmet's heart-touching love story, appears at Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center. With its current stop on the Turkey tour, it has already been added as a special event on March 8. With this special and poignant love story, you will witness an impressive theatre.

Date: 8 March, 2022 Tuesday - 20:00

Place: Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center, Bursa

5- Concert: March 8 International Women's Day Special Concert

Give a wonderful concert evening to this special day with choirmaster Eray İnal, Çiçek Bilen Soloist, Süleyman Yardım Art Director and Symphonic Honeysuckle Songs. Don't forget to reserve your seat for this special concert.

Date: 8 March, 2022 Tuesday - 20:00

Location: CSO ADA Ankara Blue Hall, Ankara

6- Exhibition: March 8 International Women's Day Group Exhibition

You can spend a day full of art with the group exhibition of Ankara University Faculty of Fine Arts, which will last for several days, for March 8th. Explore a variety of diverse and talented works. It's sure to be a great event for our art-loving women.

Date: 8-15 March, 2022 Tuesday - 16:00

Location: Ankara University Culture and Arts Center, Ankara

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7- Workshop: Musem Academy 8 March International Women's Day Special

Enjoy great recipes with an exquisite March 8 event for those who love to cook and eat. You will learn about the production of yeasted pastries, doughnuts and berliners and have a lot of fun at Musem Academy, which is blended with the flavor of Gaziantep cuisine. An exquisite March 8 event with delicious moments and recipes that smell great.

Date: 6 March, 2022 Sunday - 12:00

Place: Musem Academy, Gaziantep

8- Events Series: Bodrum 8 March World Worker Women's Day Events

Bodrum Municipality presents numerous events to its valued women workers with a wonderful 8-day organization. It will be a special week with many enjoyable events from banquets to photo exhibitions, chats to theatre plays and concerts.

 Date: 4-11 March, 2022

Place: Bodrum (Various venues)

9- Events Series: İzmir 8 March International Women's Day Events

Based on izmir Metropolitan Municipality's vision of a "woman-friendly city", you will be able to participate in any event with your loved ones with a 6-day event organized for International Women's Day on March 8. Get ready for night runs, concerts, exhibitions, awards ceremonies, gulf tours and more.

Date: 4-9 March, 2022

Location: İzmir (Various venues)

10- Events Series: Mersin 8 March International Women's Day Events

In the name of the most special day where thanks are offered to women, it is time to celebrate this special day with your loved ones by having a pleasant time with Mersin municipality's full event program. Experience an unforgettable March 8th euphoria with your loved ones with a Şevval Sam concert, a variety of sporting events and more.

Date: 5-8 March, 2022

Place: Mersin (Various Venues)

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