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3 April 2023

If you're looking for a weekend getaway that's all about natural beauty, then you'll want to add İğneada to your travel itinerary. This hidden gem is a popular destination for those seeking a peaceful escape or a leisurely stroll in the great outdoors. With its breathtaking scenery and tranquil ambiance, İğneada is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. So let's take a closer look at this haven of tranquility and discover why İğneada is the perfect destination for your next weekend getaway.


İğneada Lighthouse

When we hear the name İğneada, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly the İğneada Lighthouse, which is located at the westernmost point of the Black Sea. In this context, the İğneada Lighthouse is a magnificent structure located in the Limanköy area, about 4 kilometers from the town center. Moreover, situated on the sea's edge, about 50-60 meters above the water, the İğneada Lighthouse is a historic beacon that symbolizes the town of İğneada and is considered as one of its most important landmarks.

Discover the enchanting town of İğneada, located on the western coast of the Black Sea, and you'll find yourself in awe of its natural beauty. İğneada is best known for its iconic İğneada Lighthouse, which sits 4 kilometers away from the town center in Limanköy. This stunning structure, consisting of a rectangular administrative building and a cylindrical lighthouse tower, was built by the French in 1866 during the reign of Sultan Abdülmecit, and it's locally known as the French Lighthouse. Back in those days, the lighthouse was powered by gas oil and had to be manually cranked. However, today it's equipped with a 100-watt halogen bulb and plastic reflectors, making it visible from 20 nautical miles away.


Standing 44 meters above the sea level, İğneada Lighthouse is a history-steeped landmark that symbolizes the town's identity. Its hilltop location provides a panoramic view of the surrounding area, with one side overlooking Bulgaria and the other side opening to a vast bay where the sea waves are relatively calmer. İğneada Bay is known to be a safe haven for sailors seeking refuge from the Black Sea's rough waters, especially those coming from Bulgaria who can easily navigate through the area with the help of the lighthouse.

Demirköy Foundry

Another must-see place in İğneada is Demirköy Foundry, which is considered as the Ottoman Empire's first war industry center. Located approximately 29 kilometers southeast of İğneada, in the district of Demirköy in Kırklareli, the foundry, also known as Fatih Foundry, played a crucial role in Turkish history due to its significant contribution to the production of various inventories such as cannons and weapons used during the conquest of Istanbul. The excavation work at the foundry, spread over an area of ten thousand square meters, has been ongoing since 2001. The foundry's historic ambiance and environmental design attract a lot of attention from tourists, making it one of the top places to visit in İğneada.


Pedina Lake

Now, we will talk about Pedina Lake, which is located just west of the Igneada Longoz Forests National Park and is one of the most popular destinations. This unique lake is surrounded by magnificent oak trees, creating a paradise-like atmosphere. It is worth noting that Pedina Lake is also a special protected area due to its population of black storks. Additionally, situated on a long migration route for birds between Europe and Africa, Pedina Lake is a crucial feeding, resting, breeding, and nesting area for a significant number of storks and waterbirds during the autumn migration. With this in mind, visitors to Igneada never miss the opportunity to visit Pedina Lake before completing their trip.


Saka Lake Floodplain

When exploring İğneada, one location that cannot be missed is the Saka Lake Floodplain. This Floodplain lake is situated in the southernmost or remote corners of the İğneada Forests of the Longoz and is one of the seven important lakes within the national park that merges with the sea during certain times of the year. The Saka Lake Floodplain is also protected by the authorized authorities and is well-maintained. If you're planning a visit to the lake, you'll be pleased to know that it is home to various fish species, making it a unique and fascinating place to explore. Additionally, a significant portion of the lake is covered with reeds and is situated closer to the beach than other lakes. All of the aforementioned locations are found in İğneada and will add a vibrant element to your trip. Be sure to visit these places, which will captivate you with their peaceful and distinctive natural beauty. Remember, you know best how to ensure a tranquil and safe journey.

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