24 December 2020
4 New Travel Trends

The curiosity for different lands existed in human nature since the beginning of civilization. But the reason and content of travelling has changed dramatically in this modern era known as the “century of travelling”. With the improvement of transportation and airplanes becoming more widespread, billions of people started to travel every year. So much so that the keenness of traveling in humans spread into the depths of space. So, what are the new trends in travelling? Travelling trends of the 21st Century.

1-Light Travelling 

Forget about heavy bags and stuff. Just pack a couple of essentials and head out. With the effect of the new Generation Z and transforming trends, people now tend to pack lighter and travel in a way to allow plenty of movement. The most important reason for that is travelling to a single destination and staying there doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. We want to see more places in a shorter amount of time. 

2-Blending in with nature 

Even though sea-sand-sun summer vacations are still the most preferred options, spending time in nature alone or with friends are becoming more and more popular. With the impact of ongoing climate crisis and increasing environmental consciousness, people tend to prefer time alone in nature. Let us add that detox vacations are one of the most preferred options. We leave our phones, computers, and other tools that are a part of our daily lives aside and aim to relax in nature. Ecotourism is another increasingly popular trend. Everything from foods to rooms are designed according to your taste and needs.


Every vacation has its own story, without a doubt. What we mean by storytelling is that blending in with the daily life of your destination and joining in on the adventures of locals. We wonder not only about historical structures, but also the roads we walk on and the stores we shop in. We collect stories from our destinations and share them on social media with other people. Maybe, this is one of the most important effects of this era of increased bridges between cultures. Now, each of us are travel content producers.  


Just like other aspects of life, minimalism is an increasing trend in travelling. From the time we spend in our destinations to our activities and to the money we spend on accommodation... Simplicity and minimalism becomes more and more a part of our lives. The reason why camping became more popular in recent years despite being left in the background behind mainstream tourism for many years is also connected to minimalism. People set up camps near a lake, in the woods, on meadows or in city parks. Minimal hotels with less stuff attract a great deal of attention all around the world from USA to Europe, Asia, and poles. Cottages, sheds, and traditional Igloo-like structures receive their shares from the search for minimalism.