19 October 2020
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It goes without saying how tiring long flights can be. Although airline companies try to make these flights easier for passengers, it can take time to regain our rhythm during and after the flight. Someone traveling from London to Australia spends about 22 hours on a plane. So that means 22 hours spent watching movies, trying to sleep, trying to suppress the engine noise of the plane. These long hours can cause a slight headache in your body, as well as cause bigger troubles. But what are the things you can do for your health on long flights? How should the time spent in the air be evaluated? How much can we shorten the preparation time before boarding and the time after boarding? For the answer to all of these, continue reading our article.

Get your ticket in advance.

This may not need to be said for flight specialists, but let's say it again for everyone. The earlier you book your ticket, the more likely you are to choose your favorite or more comfortable seat. In addition, early check-in will keep you away from airport congestion and possible queues. The checks you will pass at the airport will take a lot of your time anyway. Also, if you wait in line for tickets, you will extend the time you allocate for the flight. There's no need for that. Best to buy your ticket in advance. Buy your ticket by calling the phone line of the airline you are going to, or buy an e-ticket from the official website. Both will make your job easier.

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Prepare for Jet-Lag.

Jet-lag is one of the biggest problems of long flights. That means a few days to lose wherever you go. For this, before you fly, adjust your sleep pattern in accordance with the time of your destination, definitely rest well and rest by adhering to this rhythm during breaks, if any. Since you will be sitting on the plane for a long time, it will be good for you to relax by doing sports beforehand. You don't want to lose your health while traveling, do you? That's why, be careful not to disturb your sleep patterns and not to disrupt your routine habits.

Keep Your Luggage Light.

Don't let your baggage tire you out on your way to the airport, at the airport or during the flight. Especially the luggage you will put in the overhead lockers inside the plane will force you and increase your fatigue both during boarding and disembarkation. The lighter the suitcase, the less fatigue. Therefore, it is useful to arrange your items accordingly.

Be Active.

One of the biggest problems in long flights is to be inactive for a long time. This inactivity, which also affects blood circulation, can cause headaches and cramps, especially in economy class passengers. To prevent this, experts recommend getting up from your seat from time to time in accordance with flight rules and tensing and releasing your calf muscles.

Drink Water, Consume Less.

Another important issue is water. It is very important for long flights to have and consume water near you at an altitude of kilometers where the air pressure is high. Because the conditions in the sky are different from the ground, our digestive system also works differently. If possible, eat before flying to reduce the feeling of fatigue. Prefer hot instead of cold foods, natural drinks instead of carbonated drinks.

Be Supplied.

It is important to rest on these long flights. For this, you will find it very beneficial to have soundproof headphones or a quality earplug. If possible, taking a neck pillow will also make your job much easier on long flights. Preparing a comfortable environment for you to rest, sometimes putting a tent made of blankets over you will minimize the effects of a long flight. You can also pack a few snacks in your bag to keep yourself happy.

In order to benefit from the relaxing blessings of yoga while flying, we recommend you to read our article Relax Your Body with Yoga on Long Flights.

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