30 July 2020
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Future Shapers - Electric Cars

The things we have seen in science-fiction movies once and defined as the technologies of the future are becoming real one by one. The future is now. It is not known if the technology is imitating art, but these technologies will become exceedingly real in the near future. Hovering skateboards from “Back to the Future” started hovering, and we are already seeing electric cars on the streets. But how will these electric cars impact the world in the near future?

Together with the increased talk on climate change, attention and demand towards electric cars also increased. Even though Tesla is the most widely known electric car brand in the world, many other car manufacturers started investing in this area. According to statistics of UK-based The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), demand towards these cars increased by 236% in 2019 when compared to the previous year.

This data shows us that electric cars are not only a trend, but a change that will reshape transportation in the future. The drop in their prices as they are more commonly used and as more companies invest in them is also an important factor. It is predicted that electric cars will be cheaper than traditional fuel-run cars by 2025-30. Even if fuel-run cars will still exist in the future, their impact and extensiveness will significantly decrease. Today, there are more electric car charging stations more than gas stations in England. No-use of fuel means a decrease of 30% in maintenance expenses.

Cars are responsible for 14% of all the gasses released in the atmosphere. Over the years, the decrease in these gasses was lower than the number of electric production plants investing in renewable technology. This means: A wider use of electric cars is important not only for the future of technology but also for the future of our world. Norway aims to end the sales of fuel-run cars by 2025. France aims to do the same by 2040. These dates are still in the future but considering the current demand and investments in electric cars, it is possible to say the future is here.

Considering the amount of technological developments in cars (driverless cars that were once a dream are commercially sold these days), today’s reality is not far from a science-fiction movie. Robot technology is also quickly improving, we are conducting studies in other planets, and smart systems are quickly reshaping our lives. It is clear that transportation follows a similar route. Electric cars really seem like devices from the future used today both in transportation and in the fight against climate change.  

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