17 March 2022

Tiktok is the head of the most widely used and popular social media applications of recent times. Some are showing off their skills there, while others are just using this app to pass the time. This app has everything but the kitchen sink, which is now on everyone's agenda. Time flies in Tiktok, which turns from recipes to dance videos, mini-tutorials to viral funny content into a giant platform where you can find what you want find. In fact, just as with other social media applications, this place has become a great tool for marketing. With ads, videos, and countless other kinds of content  you can be lost in.

Of course, when you talk about a social media app, it's hard not to talk about trends. Some content can get into trends by seeing more interest than others. Some of the trends Tiktok has brought to our lives, including numerous trend content in each area, are from the eating and drinking area. There's no doubt that anyone who likes to eat or cook will enjoy watching. And these trending eating and drinking content is certainly very popular even in our daily lives. Some of these trends are very simple, and some are getting a lot of attention because they look delicious. Let's take a look at the trends in eating and drinking Tiktok that are included in our lives!

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New star of breakfast: Delicious toast with yogurt cream

You've definitely seen this recipe somewhere before. Many people have already tried and liked the Tiktok yogurt cream toast, which has been particularly interested in breakfast recently. As for the structure, it's quite simple, but it's a delicious recipe. Create space for the sauce by gently pressing the inside of your toast bread with your hand or with a spoon. Then apply yogurt, honey and any ingredients and cream to these areas. Then enjoy this recipe you bake!

Variety of sandwiches: Tortilla sandwiches

Tortilla breads are the leading role of the most popular recipes of recent times. We're sure, you've seen a wide variety of sandwich recipes that are prepared with tortilla bread folded anywhere. Once you have made a cut to fold the tortilla bread with a small knife stroke, you can fold the ingredients you want into each compartment and then fold them in order to prepare your sandwich. You can also make this sandwich toast for a great result!

TikTok Trend (5).jpg

It goes great with a dipping sause: Pasta chips

We have a new alternative train to classic corn and potato chips. Macaroni chips! Take your pasta to another level with this Tiktok train, one of the latest and most creative ways to eat pasta. After you boil the pasta, mix it with any sauce and prepare your chips by either the air fryer or the oven.

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It's never been so healthy and simple: Air Fryer

We're going to talk about one of the healthiest and fastest ways to cook. Air fryer is currently most people's favorite cooking tool. From fish to vegetables to pastries to fries, how about cooking a lot of food in just minutes and in a very healthy way? You should try out this new trend that saves time and helps you with your delicious recipes!

TikTok Trend (6).jpg

Vegetables oven: Crushed vegetables

Although the vegetables are a bit of a boring choice for some, it's actually possible to make great and diverse recipes with them. The next train to Tiktok is just the most delicious of vegetables. Bake the desired vegetable after you slice it with the desired spice. After you remove it from the oven, use a fork to gently crush them and that's it! We're sure it'll go great with the sauces.

From home to the world: Çılbır!

Here is a recipe that has already been loved and consumed in Turkey for years and has already been loved by the world, being among the Tiktok trends. It could be the most beautiful combination of strawberry, yogurt and poached egg. And you'll like the egg even more when you eat it with a delicious buttered and tomato paste sauce on it. The fluidity of the yolk of the egg and the light taste of yogurt are very popular at the moment!

TikTok Trend (2).JPG

Are those who love chocolate: Nutella Pizza

Meet Tiktok's delicious, chocolate-savory recipe, which is now one of the most watched videos. Actually, it's possible that you've tasted this before. But this recipe is Nutella Pizza, which is currently on the trends in Tiktok. After you've put a lot of nutella on the classic pizza dough, you can bake and then decorate as much as you like. In fact, we suggest you try the combination of nutella and cheese. A liquid cheese and a liquid chocolate look good together!

It's gonna get hot, it's time to freshen up: Rosemary and watermelon cocktail

As far as it is already cold everywhere in March, we are now at the end of the cold weather and we are about to meet the warm weather. Meet a great Tiktok train to accompany your picnic and events for this weather. How about a pink cocktail with the refreshing flavor of the pepperial and the sweet taste of the watermelon? This mix is a recent trend, and it deserves it!

TikTok Trend (3).jpg

Pasta has never been so easy: Baked white cheese and Cherry tomato pasta

Another of Tiktok’s most popular recipes recently is the recipe for Feta Makarna. We put the white cheese in a block in the middle of the oven tray, and then we cover it with a little garlic, a little cherry tomato. We'll put a few branches of basil on it and then we'll put it in the oven. In the meantime, don't forget to boil your pasta on the side. Remove your baked cheese and tomato mixture from the oven and mix some. The ingredients that are cooked well will become a great pasta creamer when mixed. After you mix it with the boiled pasta you add on it, all you have to do is eat with a good meal!

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