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6 January 2022
Güncelleme Tarihi: 12 August 2022

The moment that we all eagerly await, a new starting point for some of us, and new plans and decisions for some of us, the new year has now arrived. Isn't it the right of all of us to get rid of the traces and tiredness of 2021, which we spent with bitter and sweet? The negative effects of the pandemic, the world agenda and many other things were after us this year. Maybe we lost, maybe we took new paths, maybe we counted where we were. But no matter what, another year has been lost from our lives. In this period when we understand the value of time, we can set new goals for ourselves as we start the new year. We hope for the new year so that we can realize what we want to do, we wish you luck. But we know that it is up to us to do what we want. One step is all it takes. As long as you don't lose your motivation.

So we thought and moved, so we made a list of the festivals organized in our country so that you can start the new year with fun. You can say a great hello to the new year by participating in the wonderful festivals and events in the first month of the new year. Colorful festivals await you in January. If you're ready, let's start.

Başkent Shopping and Fashion Festival | Ankara

Başkent Shopping and Fashion Festival, which fashion lovers are eagerly awaiting, will take place at Altınpark Expo Center, the popular festival area of ​​Ankara, between 12-16 January. In the festival, where 100 brands offer discounts of up to 70%, many social events and surprises await you, as well as products suitable for all styles.

Bursa International Piano Festival | Bursa

Bringing together piano artists from different countries and different ages, the festival is one of the most enjoyable events you will do in Bursa in the new year. 250 pianists from 6 different countries took the stage at the festival, the first of which was held in 2020. Don't miss this festival that will take place at Bursa Teyyare Cultural Center between 25-29 January!

Traditional Beypazarı Sled Festival | Ankara

The Traditional Beypazarı Sleigh Festival, which will take place in Beypazarı, the prominent touristic district of Ankara, hosts very pleasant scenes. Entrance to the festival, which will take place in Karaşar Kirazyani Plateau, 30 kilometers from the district, is free. Although it was not held last year due to the pandemic, this festival, which is held traditionally every year, is an ideal place to spend time in winter with children's games, competitions and shows.

Akasya Book Festival | Istanbul

At this free book festival, where you can find many local and foreign works, from the most popular classics to the bestsellers, autograph sessions, talks and children's events are waiting for you. The festival will take place between 14-16 January at Akasya AVM.

NASA Space Adventure Space Exhibition | Istanbul

NASA Space Adventure Space Exhibition, which space enthusiasts await with excitement, offers its visitors an experience full of excitement and fun at Metropol Istanbul AVM. In the world's largest space exhibition, where NASA reflects more than 50 years of space studies and experiences, there are special parts from space and dozens of high-tech spacecraft that allow you to experience life there. There is also a real moonstone that visitors can touch. The festive space exhibition offers the chance to listen to interesting space stories with guided tours and enables visitors to be interactively involved in space adventures with VR simulation technologies. Don't miss this exciting and fun-filled event that inspires enthusiasts of all ages!

AAAL Winter Festival | Ankara

AAAL Winter Festival, which has been one of the prominent festivals of January for the last few years, will be held at Atatürk Sports Hall on January 21 for music lovers this year. Young names of the rap world MAW and Kozmos, Canan Anderson with their magnificent violin performance, Fatma Turgut and Duman, the leading names of rock music, will perform at the festival.


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