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25 January 2021
Güncelleme Tarihi: 5 February 2021
The Essential Event for Entertainment Lovers: Festivals

While we still have the excitement and energy of our youth, attending events important to us with a special meaning must be one of the main goals in our lives. It might look challenging to get organized for the events that are mostly hosted abroad; we suggest going for all-inclusive options while purchasing tickets. We hope you can save up for and attend that festival you have been dreaming of, either this year or the next one.

1- Burning Man 

Burning Man is an event associated with burning a giant human statue that is held annually since 1986. The festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada is open for participants from all around the world.

This festival is known as a “social and art experiment” rather than a festival. The main aim of the festival is to enable you to express yourself in the best and most creative way possible. There are some rules in the festival; for example, you cannot use money to buy something, you need to trade something for it. One of the most important rules is that you don’t leave any trash behind. Another rule is that you cannot use a vehicle that goes faster than 15 km/h; that is why you can only use bicycles in Burning Man. If you want to attend this festival most people dream about, we suggest you buy the tickets on the day they are available for they are sold-out pretty quick. 

2- Tomorrowland

Every young person dreams about one day saying “I’ve been to Tomorrowland”. This festival is one of the most known music festivals in the world. Most successful DJs in the world including Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, and Ummet Ozcan are always on the stage in this festival. The festival was organized on a single weekend in the past but in recent years, they organize it on two weekends. It started in Boom, Brussels and has been held in a different city each year. You can stay in a Dream Ville tent or cabin. We suggest looking at all-inclusive tickets with included plane tickets; they can be cheaper when purchased together. Let us remind you that the tickets are quickly sold-out. 

3- Coachella

Coachella Festival is named after the Coachella Valley in Colorado Desert, South California, where it is held. The event lasts for two weeks. A new term called “Coachella Make-up” was introduced in our lives for those who attend Coachella. The festival is known for extreme make-ups with glitter and gems. 

One fact about the festival is that you need to be prepared for walking. It is for sure that you will spend a lot of energy walking from your hotel to the festival area, waiting in lines, or walking from one concert area to another.


4- Ultra UMF 

Ultra Music Festival is another music festival that brings together electronic music-lovers. You can find everyone you are looking for in electro-music in this festival but remember that tickets are sold-out in about five minutes. Since the festival is in Miami, you can enjoy the beaches in the mornings and get lost in DJ performances at the same time. We suggest visiting their website to see who will take the stage this year. 

5- Glastonbury Festival 

Held in Glastonbury, England, the festival is “the largest open-air festival in the world”. The festival is prominent for camping and having extreme fun. Hosting more than 250 attendants, this music festival is a thrill you must experience. Using plastic is prohibited during the festival, meaning that everyone uses their own cups for beverages. The festival was first held in 1970 and today, the tickets are sold-out the same day. We suggest that you act fast.



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