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24 January 2022

Fairy chimneys, where we witness the functioning of nature most closely and best, are of course found in the Aegean as in most parts of Turkey. Fairy chimneys in Manisa, Kula have a geological structure with volcanic properties, so they are natural wonders formed by factors such as heavy rain, wind and erosion. But the most effective is rain, abraded by water. Although fairy chimneys are thought to be caused by a recent volcanic eruption about 10,000 years ago in Kula, where turkey's youngest volcanoes are located, these natural beauties are not actually volcanic formations.

Even though the region has a volcanic structure, unlike the Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys, Kuladokya was formed by the abrasion. The fact that it is not known exactly when it began to form raises the interest in the region.  Perhaps more surprising than the appearance of fairy chimneys is that their evolution continues, even though they have been forming for a very long time. As time goes on, some fairy chimneys that cannot resist the power of nature are falling down, and new ones are forming in their place. That means that when you go to visit it, you're actually going to witness a great natural phenomenon. Fairy chimneys that continue to form before your eyes make you a part of these formations, even if you do not notice them. Another surprising feature is that the two volcanoes are closest to each other in the world. Of course, volcanoes are not active today.

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Kula fairy chimneys, Turkey's only geopark are natural and archaeological sites declared as Natural Monuments by the General Directorate of National Parks in 2012. This protected site covers an area of 37.5 hectares. The beauty of Kuladokya was not only confined to the borders of Turkey, but was added to the Global Geopark Network list by UNESCO in 2013. The place, which was renamed Kula-Salihli Geopark in 2020, is also the only place listed from Turkey on the UNESCO Geopark Network list. With more than 80 cones, the area fascinates almost everyone with its majesty and grandeur. When you go to Sandal Mountain near the fairy chimneys, it is possible to see even the craters left behind after the volcano eruptions. You can see and enjoy this natural phenomenon, which you can normally see in very high mountains, where kula fairy chimneys are located a short distance away.

Kula fairy chimneys are a place with the largest area of fairy chimneys after Cappadocia. That's where he gets his name, "Kuladokya." The area is close to the Izmir-Ankara highway and is located near Burgas Village. It's about an hour from Manisa. Although it is one of the most popular places for the people of Manisa, unfortunately it is not well known throughout Turkey. Kuladokya, which has been left in the shadow of Cappadocia, is one of the most important areas of the Aegean Region and should not be compared to Cappadocia for this reason, which has its own beauty. In addition, primitive human footprints were found in the researches carried out at Kula Volcanic Geopark. Therefore, it is quite fascinating to see traces of the First Age in the region.

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There are also many hiking areas for those who want to visit this beauty in order to be visited more easily. Thus, you can easily experience the experience of passing through the remains of lava and touching the history they created. Especially for those who like to take photos, you can visit the area, which is one of the stops, at any time, and without charge. Visiting the area, which is open to visitors every month, in summer can add pleasure to the pleasure of seeing Kuladokya, as there is more activities to do. Apart from hiking and climbing in the area, it is also possible to camp around the area if you wish.

However, there is no private and separate facility and campsite for camping. At the same time, you can have a picnic near kuladokya, but just like camping, there is no picnic area. Therefore, people who want to camp and picnic should go prepared. Since the easiest way to get to the area is by car, there is a parking lot near fairy chimneys. But there is a negative factor for visitors; there are no toilet facilities in the area. Kuladokya, where natural beauty and history are together, is just one of the few places to visit in Turkey. If you are thinking of traveling to Manisa, be sure not to miss this natural work.

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