27 October 2020
The Source of All the Delicious Smells coming from the Middle East: Lebanese Cuisine

Delicious foods are spreading to the world from the Middle East. Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine have been famous for years, but Lebanese cuisine took the matter in its hands lately. Lebanon is both a Mediterranean and a Middle Eastern country. After the Ottoman rule for many years, the country became a French colony and went under a significant change in its culture. Taking its share from many cultures, they formed a unique cuisine: Lebanese Kitchen! You don’t even need to travel down to Lebanon to taste their famous foods; Lebanese restaurants are also spreading quickly. Here are some of the Lebanese delicacies you need to try.


Hybrid Product of a Hybrid Kitchen: Fattoush

This dish proves that the Lebanese cuisine is a hybrid one. A plate with green leaves topped with fried thin bread seems like it is right out of Mexico. However, this has been a Lebanese dish for centuries. This must be your first order in a Lebanese restaurant.

You never would’ve guessed it’s Arabic: Philadelphia 

Chicken or meat in sandwich bread made of white and sweet flour... Topped with melted cheese... with optional pepper. It takes only a couple of minutes to prepare the dish, but it so popular on the streets of Beirut. You need to try it; we promise a lingering taste.


The Appetizer of all Appetizers: Mütebbel 

Mütebbel is an eggplant-based appetizer. As an interpretation of Turkish eggplant-based appetizers, Lebanese brought eggplants and tahini together and added lemon juice and grated garlic. Tahini and eggplants might sound a little weird together, but their union is perfect!


Not Turkish Pide: Pita

Although it looks like Turkish Pide, Pita is a completely different taste! Sold almost as much as bread, Pita is actually a classic Arabic bread. You can purchase these round breads from all small grocery stores as well as in luxurious Beirut restaurants.


Forget About all the Meatballs you have ever known: Fellah

Forget about all other meatballs, because Fellah’s ingredients are completely different. It is prepared using semolina, bulghur, and flour, boiled in hot water, and served with its special tomato sauce.