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3 December 2020
Europe’s Highest Train Station: Jungfraujoch


If you’d ask the travelers who have travelled through Europe about the most magnificent natural beauty of this continent, the answer would most probably be the Alps. Think about the books and movies taking the Alps as their setting. From Mark Twain to Frankenstein’s writer Mary Shelley, from Thomas Mann to Ernest Hemingway... Numerous famous writers wrote about their admiration of the Alps that stretch across 8 countries for 1200 km. The Alps are full of wondrous places and spots. 

Jungfraujoch train station that is 2 hours from the capital of Switzerland, Bern, is one of those wondrous locations at the highest point of Europe. Located in Switzerland’s Canton of Valais, the station is open year-round; transporting the visitors wanting to enjoy this spectacular view. Jungfraujoch is a saddle right beside Eiger, in the Bernese Alps connecting the two four-thousander peaks, Jungfrau and Mönch.  The train station is located right in the middle of these three summits together known as the “Great Three”. The station itself is at an elevation of 3,466 meters above sea level.

Considering that the station was built in 1912, you cannot help but wonder (and admire) how it was built with the technology back in the day. The train runs partly underground through a tunnel through the mountains to reach the station. 

These days, the train station is mostly used for touristic and scientific purposes, accompanied by the touristic “Top of Europe” building. You can visit the building to learn historical information, purchase souvenirs, and taste exquisite foods in the restaurant. We suggest you try cheese fondue and white wine while watching the scenery. The Sphinx Observatory hosts the researchers conducting scientific studies.

The station also overlooks Europe’s largest and longest glacier. With a length of over 23 km and a surface of over 110 km, Aletsch Glacier creates an even more magical atmosphere for Jungfraujoch. Mountain peaks overlooking you and you overlooking those peaks and glaciers...

The wind can be extremely strong at the top, even as strong as 250 km/h at times, which creates an even more spectacular visual feast for us. As you sip your mulled wine inside, you realize the strength of nature that created these mountains. The scenery on its own is enough when the weather is clear. Only then you understand why Heidi and her father were so happy. If you are interested in such “extremes”, Europe’s highest post office is also located here. It is also a must-visit place.

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