30 July 2020
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When you talk about habits, you usually think of bad ones. Alcohol, gambling, laziness… The basis of this lies our prejudice that our good qualities are innate. However, in addition to bad habits, good habits can also be acquired later. As a matter of fact, all of our habits develop from our childhood in line with our tendencies and take deep roots.


Yes, bad habits are really hard to change. These habits, which are the result of millions of repetitions over the years, cannot be changed in a day or two. On the other hand, when you adopt a good habit and put it at the center of your life, you will gain a locomotive that will help you reach your goals. Therefore, you should first identify your bad habits and make a list of the good habits you want to gain. Then, step by step, you should start working on building good habits. In order to facilitate this journey, we have compiled practical suggestions for you that will enable you to acquire good habits.

1-Divide, rule.

When you set very big goals, it becomes harder and harder to form a habit. For example, if you set yourself the goal of learning English at the TOEFL level, the end of the road seems far away. Even though big goals are exciting, they won't help you. For this reason, after you set your goal, you should divide what you need to do in order to achieve stability. You should sort them in order of priority and continue on your way by following this method during the application. Thus, you will not deviate from your goal and you will not be afraid of not reaching the end of the road. If you wish, you can relax yourself by walking every day to help you.


With meditation, which is one of the methods that will enable you to focus by gaining a calmer mood, you can see the good or bad sides of your habits much more clearly. Devote the last part of the 10-minute meditation to the habits you want to add to your life. Imagine what that habit will give you. Being aware of your thoughts and then visually enlivening your plans will be very helpful in this journey. Remember, your mind must be clear and empty before you start anything. For this reason, you can make your mind ready by meditating.


Using a calendar is a very good way to form a habit. You can measure the habits you add to your life with a traditional or digital agenda. The goals feature brought to the Google Calendar application is a very practical way to keep track of the habits you want to add to your daily life. When setting your goals, do not forget to dedicate a certain time of the day to your personal goal. For example, read a book at the same time every evening. Let this be the only constant element of your agenda. The agenda you keep will guide you as you acquire habits like this. In order to see what you have done and not done and not to slow down in the process, you should take notes and have an agenda.



Exercising every day allows the brain to release dopamine regularly, helping you form good habits. While doing sports, you can get rid of negative thoughts and have a much clearer mind. Thanks to sports, you can adapt to habits such as reading books regularly, eating healthy or learning new things much faster. You can bring freshness to both your body and mind. For this reason, besides the benefits of sports for human health, it should not be forgotten that it also has the advantage of acquiring habits.

5-Twenty-One Day Rule

According to a US expert, we can acquire a new habit after a process that takes at least 21 days. When we start doing something, the initial motivation quickly fades. "I can't do that, I'm not that patient." We make excuses like However, at this point, we need to continue on the road for 21 days without giving up. If this period seems long, you can make five-day promises to yourself by using the divide-and-conquer tactic. At the end of the 21st day, you can see that you have achieved your goal and confess your success to yourself.

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