30 July 2020
Develop Good Habits In 5 Steps

When we speak of habits, we mostly think about bad ones. Alcohol, gambling, laziness... This perception is based on a prejudgment that we were born with our good features. Whereas we can develop good habits just as much as bad habits. The essence of the matter is that all our habits are developed during our childhood based on our tendencies and strike roots within. 


Yes, it is really challenging to change bad habits. These habits, that are developed by repeating over and over again throughout the years will not be changed in just a matter of days. On the other hand, when you develop a good habit and place it in the middle of your life, you will have gained a locomotive to carry you into success. Hence, you need to detect your bad habits and make a list of the good ones that you wish to develop. Following that, you need to start working towards these habits. To make this an easier path to follow, we have listed a couple of suggestions to help you develop good habits.  

1-Divide and Conquer

The higher you set your goals, the harder it gets to make them a habit. For example, if your first target is learning TOEFL-level English, the end of the road would seem too far away. Even though higher goals give you a buzz, they will not actually help you. If you want to attend a marathon, you may start by walking home to work every day. 


Reaching a calmer state of mind will help you focus; so, one of the very first methods that come to mind is meditating. Meditating can help you clearly distinguish between the good side and bad side of your habits. Meditate for 10 minutes and focus on the habits you wish in your live towards the end of those 10 minutes. Imagine what this habit will bring into your life. Being mindful of your thoughts and visualizing your plans will greatly help you in this journey. 


Using a day planner is a great method to develop good habits. You can measure the development of your habits via a traditional or a digital day planner. The new “Goals” feature of Google Calendar is a practical and user-friendly method to keep track of the habits you wish to develop. As you set your goals, do not forget to spare some time for your personal goals. For example, read a book at the same time each evening. Let that be the only constant entry in your day planner.


Exercising each day enables your brain to regularly release dopamine and helps you develop good habits. You can get rid of negative thoughts during exercising and have a clearer mind afterwards. Sports can help you adapt to new habits like regularly reading a book, eating healthy or learning new things. 

5-Rule of 21 Days

According to an American expert, we need at least 21 days to develop a new habit. The initial motivation we have at the beginning is lost rather quickly. We start pretexting like “I cannot do this; I am not that patient”. That is the exact point that we need to keep up with this habit for at least 21 days without giving up. If 21 days seem too long, you can promise yourself five days at a time by using the Divide and Conquer Method. At the end of the 21st day, you can admit that you have succeeded.