30 July 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 June 2021

We all are alone when we are born and when we die; thus, we always need to be the one closest to ourselves, but sometimes, we also are the cruelest to ourselves and we make ourselves unhappy. You may be thinking “it is easy to say, but how are we going to do it?” as you have read the title. So, we gathered 5 “easy to apply as it is easy to say” steps to apply in a path to “love yourself”.

1-Live only for yourself, not for anyone else.

You do not need anyone else to love you or to approve of you for you to love yourself. Simply to say, no one should love you as much as yourself; if someone does, there is a problem there. To love ourselves, we need to let go of seeking approval from others and we should acknowledge that we can never fully satisfy everyone.

2-Stay Clear of Comparisons.

One of the most tiring and upsetting things is levelling and comparing ourselves to others. Do not emotionally wear yourself out by picking out the characteristics of others and thinking “why do I not possess them?”. We want you to know that others are also comparing themselves to you by the characteristics you possess. You need to let go of this cycle and accept yourself as you are. 

3-No one is Perfect.

Perfectionism is a way of thinking that internally wears you out. There is a fine line between being better to improve us and to blame ourselves for not being perfect. We need to be mindful of that line and understand that no one, including ourselves, can always be perfect. 

4-Bygones are Bygones.

Making mistakes and learning from them are natural to humans. Mistakes make us and let us become who we are today. But time is going by so fast and the mistakes you have made in the past are bygones, even if you are carrying their marks to this day. So, start by being tolerant and forgiving of yourself. Not repeating your mistakes is enough. 

5-Stop criticizing.

Constantly criticizing events and assessing the situation is something that pulls you down and hinders your progress. Try to criticize constructively instead of destructively; this way, you can contribute to your own improvement.



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