19 April 2022
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Cag Kebab

You should eat cağ kebab, one of the unique flavors of Erzurum, the king of the local dish, at Tadında Anadolu. You can find Tadında Anadolu, which contains more than 700 carefully selected regional dishes, at IGA Istanbul Airport at the following location:

Cağ Kebabı

Departure Passenger International/After Passport Control- West (A-B -C2 Gate Route/ Right Side)


Iskender, one of the most famous kebabs in the Bursa region, is a meal whose main ingredient is doner kebab, but the factors that make it really valuable are the butter poured on it, tomato sauce, fatty pita pieces under the doner kebab, and yogurt served with it.

To eat a delicious iskender with plenty of butter from HD İskender, the first brand to offer the traditional iskender to the whole of Turkey with its restaurant concept, you can come to the following position at IGA Istanbul Airport:

Departure Passenger Domestic Terminal/After Security Check


Salmon Poke Bowl

Would you like to reach Japanese street delicacies in Istanbul? If your answer is yes, Yo Sushi is waiting for you.

In our restaurant, you can try our special Japanese teas along with our Ramen, Sushi, Nigiri, Temaki, Sushi, Sashimi, Popcorn Shrimp, Yakisoba, and Street Food varieties, or you can choose and prepare yourself from our freshly prepared products turning on the belt.

If you’re a fan of Far Eastern cuisine, you can find Yo! Sushi at the following location:

Departure Passenger International/After Passport Control- West (A-B Gate Route/ Right Side)

Uzak Doğu


Although yogurt is not known exactly by which civilization it was first discovered, it is estimated that its past dates to the Mesopotamian Civilization. It is very recent that yogurt, which has an important place in Turkish culture, has started to be consumed in America. Unlike Turks, Americans like to consume yogurt, which has a history of only 45-50 years, in the sweet category by adding various candies.

If you’re not an American, but if you say you love fruity yogurt, Sincerely Yogurt is the right address for you with its healthy and delicious frozen yogurt options. Moreover, you can design your own taste by choosing. For a sweet break, you can find Sincerely Yogurt at:

Departure Passenger International/Passport Post-West Side A-B Gate Route (Food Court-Mezzanine)


Pizza Margherita

You should eat Pizza Margherita prepared with local ingredients at Pizzeria Enzo.

This flavor, where mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, basil, and olive oil meet, will take you to the streets of Italy. You can find this unique taste at Pizzeria Enzo in the Gourmet Trilogy concept at IGA Istanbul Airport at the following location:

Departure Passenger International/Post-Passport Control - West (A-B Gate Route/Left Side)



Nothing beats freshly brewed traditional Turkish tea. When we look at the history of tea, which is an integral part of our culture, we see that it is not as old as we thought. The planting of the first tea nursery in our country took place in Rize in 1923. Although not even 100 years have passed, Turkey has already taken its place among the countries that consume the most tea and export the most tea.

If you’re one of those who say, “Let’s drink a freshly brewed Turkish tea,” before the flight, you should prefer the Çay Saati, which will meet all your requests. You can reach Çay Saati, which is located at three different points at IGA Istanbul Airport, from the following locations:

International Terminal/Passport Control Post-West (A-B Gate Route/Right Side)

Domestic Terminal/After Security Check-Gate Route (Transfer Passenger Exit/Left Side)

International Terminal /After Passport Control (D Pier-D4 Next Door)


Bagel with Sunflower Seed

The history of simit, which is a widely consumed food in the Middle East and Balkan countries, dates to the 1500s in Turkey. Although the main ingredients of the simit, which was recorded as being consumed in Istanbul in 1525, are dough, molasses, and sesame, we also enjoy consuming many different types today. One of the favorites of these varieties is the one with sunflower seeds!

You can reach the simit with sunflower seeds from Simit Sarayı, which is located at 9 different points at IGA Istanbul Airport, and you can guarantee a pleasant journey by eating a crispy bagel before the flight.

Arriving Passenger/Before Security - Domestic Arrivals Passenger (Around Passenger Exit Gate)

Arriving Passenger/ Before Security - International Arrivals Passenger (Across the Passenger Exit Gate)

Arriving Passenger/ Before Security (Across Terminal 13 Exit Gate)

After International Lines/Passport Control (A Pier - Across A7 Gate)

International/Passport Control Post - West (A-B Gate Route/Right Side)

Domestic Terminal/ Before Security - Start of G Gate Route (Right Side)

Domestic Terminal/ Before Security Check (G Pier - G8-9-10 Gate Route)

After International Lines/Passport Control (B Pier - Next to B9 Gate)

International Lines/After Security - (D Pier - D16-17 Door Opposite Terrace)

ay çekirdekli simit

Tombik Doner

The first way to cook doner, which was discovered during the Ottoman Empire, was to bottle the spicy meat slices horizontally, just like Erzurum Cağ Kebab. It took the vertical form we know today in the 19th century. Although we all identify it with Bursa, there are rumors that this process first started in Kastamonu.

Along with its sympathetic name, tombik doner kebab, which stands out with its filling and taste, continues to be the favorite of doner lovers.

If you want to feast on a tombik doner with rich ingredients stuffed into puffy bread, HD Doner is the perfect fit for you.

HD Doner is located at 2 different points at Istanbul Airport:

Departure Passenger/Passport Control & Before Security (Across F-E Counter/Mezzanine)

Domestic Passenger/After Security Control

tombik döner

Spicy Wings

The spicy wing, which is the combination of fried chicken wings with hot sauce, is a delicious dish consumed by many people.

If you’re craving, you can go to Popeyes, which provides service at four different points at IGA Istanbul Airport, and have yourself a spicy chicken wing feast.

The address for chicken dishes is Popeyes, at the following points at IGA Istanbul Airport:

Domestic Terminal/After Security- G Gate Route (Right Side/ Terrace Side)

International Terminal/After Passport Control/West Side A-B Gate Route (Food Court-Mezzanine)

acılı kanat

Espresso Macchiato

We know that the best, top-grade, aromatic seeds grow and mellow in the higher elevations. In order to capture the indispensable taste and balanced aroma of Cups & Clouds; we mix Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, Honduras and Colombia and roast them with our specialised medium roasting technique that will remain on the palate.

Cups& Clouds, which has 4 different branches at IGA Istanbul Airport, is the ideal address for you to enjoy a nice coffee before your flight:

Domestic/After Security Control (Near To Terrace Gate G9-10)

Arrival/Before Security (Near By No.10 Exit Door of Terminal/Plaza Floor)

Arrival/ Before Security- International Arrivals Passenger (Across the Passenger Exit Gate)

International/ After Passport Control – West B Pier

Espresso Macchiato


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