30 July 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 30 October 2023
Boeing’s Dream Plane

Rumor has it that the famous traveler Evliya Çelebi started his life-long journey with the inspiration he got from a dream. Today’s travelers start their journeys in a similar way; with an inspiration from a movie or a book that encourages them to dream. The idea of going after a dream enchants us. 

What we live during that journey, i.e. the journey itself makes it worthy to tell the story. This is why we remember a balloon from “Around the World in Eighty Days” or a propeller plane from “The Little Prince”. We love to hear the details of the journey more than what the protagonist experienced. A dish offered on the plane or a scenery we caught from the window can make the journey an unforgettable memory. But is it possible to transform every journey into a unique memory or an adventure?


A positive answer to this question was given by the American plane manufacturer Boeing, trying to prove this with their new generation airliners. Manufactured with the promise to transform every journey into a unique memory, Boeing 787 Dreamliners aim to have a special place in our adventures. This is why they define them as the “Dreamliner”, the dream planes; the promise of a dreamy journey...

The Dreamliners, consisting of three planes, are indeed an extraordinary family of vessels that inspire and encourage people to dream with their technology and design. Their futuristic designs, high energy saving levels and the comfort they provide give important clues about the future of airliners.

The Dreamliner family’s first member 787-8 made its maiden flight in 2009 whereas the last member, 787-10 made its maiden flight in 2018. Today, a total of 972 Dreamliners serve all around the world. 190 million passengers have travelled with these planes to date. With Istanbul Airport, Boeing 787 Dreamliners added Istanbul in its flight route.

Innovative technologies presented by the Dreamliners created extraordinary opportunities for airlines all over the world while also significantly transforming the flight experience. Defined as the “Dreamliner effect” by the authorities, this can also be seen as the start of the era of extreme efficiency in the air. In this new era of efficiency, we would like travel farther, without polluting the environment as before, and with the comfort of a five-star hotel.

Unprecedented fuel efficiency and range flexibility of new generation planes allow operators to open new routes and optimize fleet and network performances. If we need to put it in other words, the opportunities provided by these new generation planes enable us to meet brand-new flight routes all around the world. Airlines constantly introduce us to new routes and new cultures to explore. It makes us extremely happy to see that when our passion to explore is supported with imagination and technology, it brings us the courage to travel beyond borders.

Larger windows

Exhibiting it’s difference from other planes with its curled wings, the Dreamliner offers a more enjoyable flight with its spacious cabin design and approximately 30% larger windows when compared to other planes.

High comfort 

Composite airframe enables a high moisture level in the plane. The Dreamliner is also significant for its cabin design. Offering larger and more comfortable areas of use in the cabin, the planes also help decrease flight tiredness via special LED lightening, noise cancelling systems, and cabin pressure systems.

Fresh air 

Using the same air conditioning systems as the hospitals, the Dreamliners prevent pollutants and bad smells in the cabin via hi-tech air cleaning systems. HEPA filters in the cabins also clean bacteria and viruses.

Fuel efficiency

Offering a high fuel efficiency, Boeing 787 Dreamliners consume 20% less fuel when compared to other similar-sized airliners. This way, the Dreamliners can fly farther and because their airframes are made of composite material, they are much lighter and much durable than traditional planes.


The tests show that the Boeing Dreamliners produce 60% less noise. The improved technologies ensure a much quieter flight comfort for its passengers.

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