10 August 2020
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Five Instagrammable Coffeeshops in Istanbul

One of the best activities in Istanbul is to spend some time in a nice coffeeshop on your own or with friends. In this technology-based life we live in the Instagram Era, we started to expect the places we spend time in to have a photographable ambiance in terms of both coziness and menu. So much so that there is a new term, “Instagrammable”, meaning something is “worth sharing on Instagram”. If you are all for exploring new places to share on social media, we have gathered a list of Istanbul coffeeshops you need to see in your next trip. 

Voi Central – Etiler

This branch of coffeeshops chain located in the center of Etiler never fails to amaze its visitors. With its central location and closeness to Etiler metro station, Voi Central promises a cozy and peaceful ambiance. Its menu is designed with healthy but various and delicious types of foods. Each plate offers the perfect opportunity for a photograph with a perfect taste to accompany it. Each corner of this green-wrapped coffeeshop can be an option for a new photograph. With an average price range, Voi Central definitely deserves a coffee.

Müz – Cihangir

Meeting the image of a small but cute coffeeshop in our minds from every aspect, Müz greets us in the most unexpected moment on the back-alleys of Cihangir. Müz is much more than just a coffeeshop; it offers a profound and unmatched experience for the visitors with its succulents, home-made ceramics, and uniquely flavored coffees. It’s delicious coffees and desserts are waiting for you in the menu. Making you feel at home as you sip your coffee, this cute coffeeshop also hosts nice workshops from time to time. It would be the best to check out their social media profiles before going. 

Walter's Coffee Roastery – Kadıköy/Moda

One of the first places that comes to mind in Kadıköy would of course be included in our list. Walter’s Coffee was inspired by the well-known American TV series “Breaking Bad”. With a design that draws you in, the coffeeshop is also famous for its dedicated baristas aiming to “cook” the best coffee in town. The coffeeshop offers you the perfect ambiance for a photoshoot with its cups, wall designs, coffee lab and many other distinctive features. Its large and spacious design encourages visitors to relax and chat for hours. 

FiLBooks – Karaköy

We were obligated to add Karaköy, the most popular location of the recent years, into our list. After getting off Kabataş-Bağcılar tram at Fındıklı station, just a 2-3 minutes walk, you will reach Karaköy’s famous coffeeshops. Our favorite is FiLBooks; no doubt it will draw your attention with its hipster atmosphere in the front as well as its cozy ambiance in the penthouse. Its coffee and dessert-filled menu is also very plausible. 

Old Java Coffee Roasters - Kadıköy

Back to a coffeeshop on the Anatolian side. Old Java is one of Kadıköy’s well-known and most visited coffeeshops. While the led world map on the wall will offer a perfect ambiance for a minimal photo, its unique coffees will prepare the perfect atmosphere for your warm chats. It is very comfy and sincere, so you can consult with your friends in peace or focus on your studies. Even though its price range is above Kadıköy’s average, the service they offer is surely worth it. 

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