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21 October 2020
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A Couple Days in Brussels

Today, we will go over a couple of days in a capital. The name Brussels is derived from an Old Dutch word meaning “home in the marsh”. The native language in the country is 80% French. It is one of the prominent European cities for being the home to the European Parliament. 

Our overall opinion of the city is that it will impress you with its preserved historical structure and historical buildings.


Hostels are our best pick for accommodation. You can walk almost everywhere in Brussels; the important locations are not too far from each other. So, if you are considering a good-quality and affordable option for accommodation, hostels and 3-4-star hotels can be good options. Here are some recommendations:

  • MEININGER Bruxelles City Center
  • MEININGER Bruxelles Gare du Midi
  • Sleep Well Youth Hostel
  • Hotel La Grande Cloche

Rental apartments are also immensely popular in the city. So, renting a fancy apartment for a couple of days can also be a good idea. 

Sights to see

As everyone would agree, Manneken Pis Statue is a must see. It is one of the important symbols of Brussels. To briefly tell its story, it is the statue of a little child who became a public hero after stopping a fire in the town. Today, the statue is decorated with various clothes and accessories on special days and has become a center of attraction for tourists.

Grand Place, the city center must be the next place on your tour. 

Atomium is another landmark of Brussels. Constructed for EXPO 1958, the landmark is designed in the shape of a unit cell of an α-iron (ferrite) crystal magnified 165 billion times. We suggest purchasing a ticket for a detailed examination, a tour inside, a climb on its top, and have a meal while you’re there.

If you want to spend some time with fresh air, you must then head towards the Cinquantenaire Park. You can have a picnic there or do some exercise. 

There are many other museums, comics museums, or shopping malls to see if you are interested.

What to eat

Mussels is the most famous dish in Brussels. We suggest trying mussels with French fries and beer. 

Beef Stew is the second most famous dish in Brussels, with which we are familiar. Even though the French claims the original recipe, there are some differences in the basics. The French version blends meat with red wine while the Belgium version cooks meat with Belgium beer. This old recipe is served almost in every restaurant. 

Another popular delicacy in Brussels is “Anguilles au vert” (Eel with green sauce). Even though the name and look might be unappetizing, we promise it tastes unbelievably good with its “green sauce” including chervil, parsley, mint, and watercress for the neon green color. You must try this delicious and mouth-watering dish with its special sauce. 

For a sweet finale, please try the Belgian waffle. You can enter any of the waffle shops on your way to the Town Hall Square and try one with their famous Belgian chocolate.  

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