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13 February 2023

Istanbul, the city poets struggle to describe in verse, and the most romantic holiday celebrated worldwide can work wonders when they come together. If you're in Istanbul on February 14th, you're in luck. Because it will be amazing to spend this special day in a city straight out of a fantasy. The most enjoyable options are the destinations you can travel to, the activities you can participate in, and the sights you can see. So let's examine the most lovely Valentine's Day activities in Istanbul.

Galata Tower

The tower, which was reputedly constructed by the Byzantine Emperor Justinianos, underwent several revisions during the Genoese era before being repaired and renovated by architect Murad bin Hayreddin. Galata Tower, which was built as a watchtower, continues to exist by defying history. Galata Tower, however, is much more than just a watchtower. You will allegedly get married to anyone you climb the Galata Tower with, according to legend. Although it is unknown whether this is accurate, there is no denying that Galata Tower is one of the most romantic locations. So much so that couples' photos were even projected onto the Galata Tower on Valentine's Day in the past years. The restaurant on the top floor of the Galata Tower is a delightful place to enjoy Valentine's Day, and just being close to the tower will make it more meaningful. Similar like this, on February 14th every year, Galata will be filled with couples posing for photos.

Galata Kulesi

Maiden's Tower

It would be hard to discuss Galata without mentioning the Maiden's Tower. They are seen by some as the separated lovers on opposite sides of Istanbul. It is stated that these two towers are divided by the sea that lies between them in Istanbul, the only city with a sea flowing through it. Although this is a great metaphor for separated lovers, it feels real enough to make the listeners sad. The Maiden's Tower, in contrast to Galata, has more than one legend associated with it. The most well-known of them is the tale of the prophecy a soothsayer delivered to the reigning emperor at the time. The soothsayer predicts that the emperor will have a daughter who will be killed by a snake bite. To safeguard his daughter, the emperor constructs a tower in the midst of the sea. Even the sea, however, cannot fight fate, and the snake that emerges from the fruit basket delivered to the girl forms the tragic finale of the narrative. However, this is not where the tales of the Maiden's Tower end. While the sight is lovely from a distance, getting to the Maiden's Tower by boat is a very different experience. One of the great locations to choose for Valentine's Day is the restaurant there. You can immortalize your love in a structure with a sea view that has witnessed many years and stories.


Ağva is the ideal location for being in both Istanbul and the peaceful stillness of nature. Ağva is ready to welcome you with its scenery, wildlife, adorable lodgings, dining options, lake, beach, and forest. For those who prefer to spend Valentine's Day in a serene setting, Ağva offers a variety of possibilities. Staying in wooden cottages by the lake will provide you with the most romantic Valentine's Day experience.


Pierre Loti

Let's discuss an actual love tale while we're talking about rumors. Many hills have been referred to be the hill of lovers. However, the literal embodiment of this name is Pierre Loti. The hill in Istanbul's Eyüp neighborhood once witnessed a passionate relationship. This hill resembles the temple of the impossible love between the Circassian beauty Aziyade and the French officer Pierre Loti. When Pierre Loti comes to Istanbul, he falls in love with this beautiful Circassian girl whose real name is Hatice. She is likewise in love with him, but since she is married, their love is impossible. After learning about this hill, the pair starts meeting there frequently. The young officer returns to his county after being called to France, but his affection for Hatice never fades away. He returns and finds that Hatice has passed away. Every time he travels to Istanbul, Pierre Loti pays a visit to Hatice's tomb. Over time, he writes the book Aziyade, which is centered on this love. The hill gets his name and is given eternal life by becoming well-known for a love tale. By visiting Pierre Loti hill on Valentine's Day and taking in the distinctive view of Istanbul, you can remember this tale.

Pierre Loti

Princes' Islands

İstanbul has a large number of islands and is wealthy in every aspect. Going to the islands by ferry is enjoyable, and staying there is another cause for happiness. İstanbul's islands stand out from other islands in that they leave you with the impression that you have gone through time after a ferry ride. The palaces on the islands, the electrical carriages, the bicyclists, the wheelbarrows selling ice cream, and more. One of the nicest places to travel on Valentine's Day is the islands. Unquestionably, a seafood restaurant on the beach close to the city will provide you with an unforgettable day. One of the most sentimental aspects of the day must be getting lost in the streets and wandering around historical mansions.

Boat Tours

The first thing that springs to mind when you think about Istanbul is of course the iconic Bosphorus view... Although there are many restaurants where you can enjoy the Bosphorus scenery, a boat excursion can provide you much more than these places. There are ordinary boat tours during the day, but the boat cruises scheduled expressly for Valentine's Day are altogether different. The most beautiful Valentine's Day greets you with the scent of salt on the sea, the shimmering Bosphorus on one side, colorful city views on the other, lovely music and great food

İstanbul Boğaz


Don't forget that Istanbul is a rich city in all respects. Valentine's Day celebrations can be done in a variety of ways. You can go to annual concerts, cake-making, culinary, painting, and chocolate workshops, as well as workshops created especially for Valentine's Day.

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