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15 January 2024

The İGA Pass, gaining recent popularity, enables Istanbul Airport passengers to enjoy more luxurious and exclusive services. Especially for those weary of enduring long waits at airports, enticing options await. Thanks to the İGA Pass, waiting for your flight transforms from idle time to a more engaging and productive experience.

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İGA Pass Packages

To harness the benefits of the İGA Pass, you must select from packages offering various services, available on a daily or annual basis. Passengers can customize package services according to their preferences, a key feature of İGA Pass. Opting for the Premium package, for instance, grants access to all services provided by İGA Pass. Other options include Plus or Extra packages, each delineated by specific services. Let's delve into the packages and their offerings.

İGA Pass Daily Package

The İGA Pass daily package provides access to all services throughout the day. Notably, the Fast Track service, offering a speedy pass advantage, stands out. This service can be utilized twice when departures and returns occur within the same week.

İGA Pass Daily Domestic

Selecting the İGA Pass Daily Domestic allows you to enjoy services tailored for domestic flights. This package encompasses features such as fast track, priority check-in, valet and parking service for up to 4 days, domestic lounge access, and Buggy support.

İGA Pass Daily Kids

Tailored for child passengers aged 7-12, the İGA Pass Daily Kids package is also free for children aged 0-6. Services in this package include lounge use, fast pass advantage, priority check-in, and buggy support.

İGA Pass Annual Packages

Annual İGA Pass packages offer varying services. Opting for İGA Pass Plus, for example, grants access to the comfortable lounge area with one guest. Additional advantages include fast track (+1 guest), buggy support (+1 guest), lounge access (+1 guest), pop-up lounge access (+1 guest), priority check-in (+1 guest), and a 10% discount at Unifree.

İGA Pass Monthly Packages

The İGA Pass monthly package, namely İGA Pass Extra, provides services and advantages for a total of 30 days. Included perks are lounge access (+1 guest), fast pass (+1 guest), priority check-in (+1 guest), valet and parking, buggy support (+1 guest), pop-up lounge access (+1 guest), and a 10% discount at Unifree.

IGA Pass Premium, specifically designed for families, offers even more advantages. Catering comprehensively to families, this package includes fast track (+2 guests), priority check-in (+2 guests), lounge access (+2 guests), valet and parking (90 days), buggy support (+2 guests), pop-up lounge access (+2 guests), city transfer (10 times), and a 10% discount at Unifree.

In addition to these packages, alternatives such as İGA Lounge and İGA Meet&Greet cater to diverse needs, allowing you to purchase services separately.


Discover IGA Pass Privileges

Make the most of your downtime at Istanbul Airport with increased efficiency and comfort by joining the exclusive İGA Pass membership. Here's a rundown of the perks:

Exclusive passenger lounge

Experience the luxury of an İGA Lounge available for both domestic and international flights. It's like being in Business Class with numerous privileges awaiting you, from delectable treats, comfortable seating, and complimentary Wi-Fi to free massage services and a children's playground.

İGA Buggy service

Say goodbye to the hassle of missing your flight with the İGA Buggy service, a member-exclusive benefit. This shuttle service, catering to both international and domestic flights, effortlessly transports 3-5 people directly to the flight gate. Track the buggy stops conveniently on your mobile phone using the Istanbul Airport mobile application.

Efficient travel with İGA Fast Track

Save time with the İGA Fast Track service, designed to swiftly and securely guide you through specially designated points for both domestic and international passenger floors.

Experience the joy of a warm welcome with İGA Meet & Greet

Imagine being greeted at Istanbul Airport with flowers by special assistants. Enhance your airport experience with quick transactions such as luggage handling and transfers. This advantageous service is available regardless of your flight route, offering priority check-in, lounge access, and buggy service.

Trust your vehicle to iGA valet and parking service

Ensure the safety of your car with the iGA valet and parking service, providing peace of mind in the world's largest and most secure parking facility. With a capacity of 40 thousand vehicles, the parking lot offers additional services like valet and vehicle maintenance. Manage your vehicle effortlessly through advanced technology, utilizing the valet service for easy drop-off and pickup.

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