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15 August 2021
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The peninsula of Halkidiki, located in the north of Greece, is also a province of the Central Macedonia geographical region. The popularity of Halkidiki dates back to the 1950s. Halkidiki has developed in terms of tourism as Thessaloniki people spend their summer holidays in the coastal towns of Halkidiki. With the 1970s, tourist activity from Austria and Germany started to the region. Today, Halkidiki, which is one of the exquisite tourism regions in the Greek region, enchants visitors especially with its beautiful beaches.

If you want to visit and see this beautiful peninsula, let's talk about how to go to Halkidiki. You can come to the region by using both air and road. The closest address to here is Thessaloniki International Airport. There are direct flights to the city as well as vehicles departing from Thessaloniki. You can follow private bus services. If you are going with your private vehicle, your route will be as follows:  Tekirdağ-Malkara-Keşan-İpsala-Thessaloniki-Halkidi.

Now that you have learned how to go, you can explore the beaches. Halkidiki will allow you to have a very enjoyable holiday with its beautiful beaches. So let's take a closer look at the best and most famous beaches of this beautiful city.


Kavourotrypes Beach

A light sandy beach with lots of rocks, Kavourotrypes beach is ideal for tourists looking for the perfect tan. Beachgoers should bring their own umbrella, as it does not provide natural shade. Impressive with its beauty and the colors of the water, this beach is among the best in Greece. This small beach is ideal for swimming and is also safe for children. Kavourotrypes beach was originally a nudist beach but now nudity is not allowed on this beach. Covered with refreshingly green trees and rocks that slide into the water, Kavourotrypes beach is a must-visit, guaranteed for a fun day out.

Armenistis Beach

A quiet sandy beach with beautiful pine forests surrounding it, Armenistis is a great place for swimming and sunbathing. A delightful beach resort with sunbeds and parasols and one of the best campsites in Halkidiki, it is well organized and attracts a large number of visitors each year. Armenistis is a three-hour drive from Thessaloniki and the nearest village is Sarti in Sithonia. There are seaside cafes, taverns and beach courts. There are also a few hotels near the beach. If you want to be in a green nature with camping and bungalow opportunities, you should definitely come to this beach.

Kalamitsi Beach

Kalamitsi beach is located on the southeast side of the Sithonia peninsula, 93 km southeast of Poligiros. It is actually an ideal place to relax, with a beautiful golden sea shore washed by the clear waters of the Aegean and small coves for visitors to explore. Since the area is surrounded by a calm and beautiful nature, camping is also possible there. On the other hand, there are many hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants.


Sani Beach

Sani beach is located 45 km south of Poligiros and 10 km from Nea Fokea village. The beach consists of sand and clean blue waters. In the past, it was awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness. Along the beach is a tall clump of trees that provide beautiful shade to visitors and create a relaxing environment. Sani is a well-organized resort with modern facilities and numerous accommodation options.

Festivals are often held at this beach and some environmental events are held in the summer, especially on Environment Day, where seminars are held to inform people about the importance of keeping beaches clean. The surroundings of Sani beach are quite special and have some rare species of flora and fauna.

The exquisite beaches where the natural beauties of Halkidiki are experienced continue to attract the attention of tourists, especially in the summer months. If you would like to take a look at nightlife and activities that can be done in nature, you are welcome to our article The Best Things to Do in Chalkidiki, Greece

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