15 August 2021
Güncelleme Tarihi: 2 August 2022

Halkidiki is a paradise with its dense vegetation, stunning beauty of its mountains, pristine beaches and clear waters. When all these natural beauties are combined with a rich history, a wonderful place to visit is born. In short, Halkidiki is a peninsula located in the north of Greece. This region, which stretches towards the Aegean Sea, can be one of the best routes to add to your travel plan. Halkidiki, which has an increasing reputation especially in summer tourism, has exquisite beaches that impress. In Halkidiki, where the interest of tourists is increasing, the locals do not neglect to have a pleasant time.

There are great patisseries here to start the day with breakfast. Especially the people of the region prefer to have their breakfast in these patisseries. Halkidiki, which is one of the building blocks of summer tourism and has an increasing potential every year with its exquisite beaches, is a very special place for both tourists and locals. If you want to witness the beauties of this place and sit in its famous patisseries, continue reading our article. Because we have compiled the most beautiful patisseries of Halkidiki for you. So let's get started.

Lemonis Patisserie

Lemonis Patisserie, which produces homemade and fresh products using natural and local materials; opens the door of a delicious world to you. You can enjoy the incredible flavors of pastries, traditional pies, begonias, cold sandwiches, cookies, desserts and ice creams available here. If you wish, you can also drink pleasure coffee after desserts.

Anemoni Patisserie

Serving for over 40 years, Anemoni is a traditional family business. At Anemoni you can find coffee, homemade breakfast and pies, cakes and desserts, candies, cookies and, of course, fresh milk and ice cream made from premium ingredients. Mainly Greek and Italian cuisine is preferred. Anemoni, which draws attention especially with its delicious ice creams, is among the patisseries worth trying in Halkidiki. If you happen to be here, don't pass by without stopping by.


Tasos, a cute boutique patisserie; Specializing in cakes, baklava, all kinds of cookies, chocolate, bread and ice cream. It is a business that tries to create innovations as well as being among the famous patisseries in Halkidiki. They try to expand their product range by preparing new and exciting recipes and they set new menu programs every week. You can find great items to eat at this creative establishment. But a delicious cup of coffee prepared with care and love goes very well, especially with brownies.

Bread and Breakfast

Bread and Breakfast is one of Halkidiki's patisseries that offer fresh and delicious products. Bread and Breakfast, where breakfast, lunch and dessert options can be found, also offers all kinds of alcoholic beverages to its visitors. Bread and Breakfast bakery does not accept credit cards. It is useful for the guests to remember this.

Madness Beach Cafe

Located in Pefkohori, Halkidiki, Madness Beach Cafe attracts countless visitors due to its magnificent sea view and fresh atmosphere. It offers home-cooked meals from the early hours of the morning, according to the Greek culinary tradition.

Strata Marina

One of the exquisite places in Halkidiki is Strata Marina. Here you can enjoy great coffee, as well as bougatsa with cream or cheese (the restaurant's specialty), and traditional Greek pies.

Dramis Bakery

In the list of the most beautiful patisseries of Halkidiki, it's time for Dramis Bakery. Dramis Bakery, which has breakfast and brunch options, also has outdoor seating. Dramis Bakery, which also offers vegetarian-friendly products, mainly represents Greek cuisine. Dramis Bakery should definitely be counted among the ideal places to make a pleasant start to the day in Halkidiki.

Let's take those who say where can I visit in Halkidiki and what's around here.

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