15 October 2020
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Caravan from Past to Present

The paths of modern life with the caravans that have existed since the horse carriages, perhaps of which we are not very aware, crossed with the launch of a portable design in 1919. When these very expensive caravans did not meet the expected demand, the manufacturer Eccles came up with a great slogan: "Holiday Problem Solved!" Although the company increased its sales with this slogan, for many, caravans were nothing more than a crazy holiday project that could not be realized for a long time.

With the development of the automobile industry, caravans, which continue on their way as a motor vehicle, have become a little closer to us. It would be with the libertarian movements that emerged in the 1960s that they would receive the expected attention. Especially the hippie movement in this period led to the birth of a brand new, libertarian legend around caravans.

Caravans, which are defined as the lifestyle of people who are fond of their freedom and do not like city life, have turned into an object of rebellion. People who want to stay away from modern life and yearn for nature have transformed the caravan from being a vehicle into a lifestyle. The sound of birds and the endless greenery of nature come to our minds with the caravan, which is actually a motor vehicle.


With the end of the hippie era, caravans have become more comfortable, targeting those who are in search of good holidays and are bored with the monotony of life. Although the idea of ​​freedom was interrupted a little, the longing for nature and the desire for a comfortable lifestyle continued to accompany the caravans.

Caravans, which were previously preferred by people who have certain hobbies and are prone to nature sports, are now seen as an accommodation vehicle that everyone would like to buy. Those who are bored with the routine pace of five-star hotels and want to have a free holiday prefer the caravan. Caravan camping areas are the new meeting point of people who prefer calmness, peace, forest and sea. It is also a pleasure to come together with different cultures in these camps and sail to new friendships and new worlds.

Caravans, which have undergone radical changes since their first period and produced in different sizes and comforts, can now host us in the most luxurious way. Caravans, which can meet all kinds of needs that are a part of our lives, such as refrigerators, televisions, heating equipment, stoves, water heaters, tables, armchairs and beds, can reach millions of dollars. It is even possible to have enough space to host guests with caravans with rising ceilings.

Let's come to the suitability of the caravan for you… As we said, there are different models and comfort options. It's best to rent a campervan and go on tours for a few weeks before buying. So you can find out if you are a caravan type person or not. What you want to do next, of course, is up to you.

Points to Consider While Traveling in a Caravan

Traveling with a caravan sounds nice, but its challenges are also quite high. There are many things you can experience, from cleaning to the limitation of your range of motion, from insects to sudden accidents. However, the most important of these are the precautions you should take to avoid an accident. Let's talk a little bit about them.

•   When you go on a long journey, you must have two people in the car. You take a precaution against all kinds of risks. It will also be beneficial to take turns taking turns at the wheel when you get tired.
•   You should do your tire checks well before you set off. You should change your summer and winter tires and always have a spare tire with you.
•   You should not exceed 80 km/h speed despite the danger of skidding or tipping over. You should be very careful, especially when crossing rough roads, and ensure your life safety.

Have you ever thought about which license type you need to drive a caravan? For truck trailers, you must have a B type driver's license. However, as some caravans have a truck head, a B type license may not be enough. Again, you should definitely research this issue before owning a caravan.

Despite everything, if you love to be on the road and enjoy living in touch with nature, you should definitely try the caravan life, even once. So have a nice trip in advance…

**The caravan was always popular, but especially with the pandemic, a concept called "Experience Vacation" entered our lives and we are just getting to know some of the things this trend brings. If you want to know what these are, you can read our article by clicking here.**


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