15 October 2020
Are you ready for a caravan trip? 

Existing silently almost since the days of horse-drawn carriages, the caravans entered our lives officially in 1919, when a portable design was released to the market. When these extremely high-priced vans did not receive the expected demand, the manufacturer, Eccles came up with a new slogan: “The holiday problem solved!” Even though the company increased their sales with this slogan, for the longest time many people perceived caravans as nothing more than an impossibly crazy holiday idea. 

With the improvement of the automobile industry, caravans continued to exist as a motor vehicle and became closer to their current selves. But it wasn’t until the freedom-based “hipster” movements of the 1960’s. The Hippie movement of that time created a new liberal legend around the caravans. 

Defined as the lifestyle of free-spirited counterculture of the 1960’s, the caravans were transformed into an object of defiance. People who wanted to stay clear of the modern life and who yearned to be in nature took the caravan as a vehicle and turned it into a lifestyle. This legend is why we dream of the chirping sounds and the vast greens of nature when we think about caravans, which is actually a motor vehicle.


With the end of the Hippie era, caravans became more comfortable to those looking for a good getaway from their monotonous lifestyles. Even though the idea of “freedom” was interrupted a little, the yearning for nature and a wish for a more comfortable lifestyle continued to exist with caravans. 

A few years back, caravans were mostly preferred by people with certain hobbies and an affinity for outdoor sports; today, they are seen as an accommodation option everyone can consider. People who are bored of the routine pace of five-star hotels and wishing for a more liberating holiday prefer caravans. Caravan camping areas are the new meeting point for those who prefer the calmness and peace offered by forests or seas. You can meet people from new cultures in these camping areas, offering you the joy of forming new friendships while learning about new worlds. 

Transformed into many sizes and comforts since day one, caravans can now host us in their most comfortable form. Caravans that meet every daily need of our lives including a fridge, TV, heating, stove, water heater, table, sofa, bed, etc. can be sold for as much as a couple million bucks. With an increased roof height, you can even have enough space to host guests. 

But now, let us consider if the caravans are suitable for you... As we said, there are many model and comfort options. It is best to rent a caravan and go for weekly trips before actually buying one. This way, you can decide for yourself if the caravan lifestyle is suitable for you or not. What to do next is completely up to you...