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3 March 2022

Capturing the curiosity of people around the world, the northern lights are one of the most spectacular astronomical events that give the impression of an art image.  The northern lights, known as aurora borelais (Polar Lights), are defined as neon-colored lights that appear in the night sky at certain periods. These neon-colored lights, which are caused by stimulated solar particles colliding with atmospheric gases, can last for minutes or even days. The lesser-known fact about the Northern Lights is that it can be seen in both the northern and southern hemispheres. 

The best time to see the northern lights is during the cold and dark nights between December and March, when the sky is clear. The best places to see these lights are usually those that are closer to the arctic circle. The closer you are to this area, the better your chances of capturing the northern lights. So, would you like to add places on your list where you can witness the northern lights? Here are the most beautiful cities to watch the Northern Lights from around the world.

Alaska, US

Alaska is one of the best places in the world where you can watch the northern lights. The cold weather here, clear skies and long dark nights provide the most favorable conditions for you to see the northern lights. You can camp, drive, and watch the northern lights by taking sightseeing and photo-oriented tours in the Alaskan region. The Fairbanks area in particular is the region where you are most likely to see the lights. It is close to the airport and has many attractions where you can enjoy the northern lights.


Northern Canada

Northern Canada is an ideal place to see the northern lights due to its unspoiled wilderness and latitude. Many parts of Canada witness these lights. The Yellowknife area in particular has an amazing place to witness the northern lights and lots of special activities for tourists. Apart from this area, Wood Buffalo, Jasper National Park and the Yukon region are other places where you can see the northern lights. You can camp alone, build a caravan or rent an AirBNB cabin. You can witness the northern lights by taking tours that help you take photos.


With volcanic landscapes, waterfalls and geothermal hot springs, Iceland is one of the best places to see the northern lights. Kirkjufell Mountain and Grotta Lighthouse on the west coast are great places to see these lights. From comfortable thermal hot springs, tent camps or caravans, you can see views of the northern light in this pristine wilderness of Iceland. Apart from the northern lights, iceland has a lot to experience, from glaciers, hot steam-spewing geysers, giant waterfalls to giant volcanoes. 

aurora 3.jpg


Norway is the most comfortable and wonderful place to witness this natural wonder. Fishing villages are one of the most comfortable places to catch the northern lights with their sea views, nature and beauty of the fjords. There are numerous tours, from dog sledding tours, Reindeer sleigh rides and night trips. Tromso, close to the polar circle, one of the largest cities in Norway's northern region, is shown to best monitor the northern lights. Besides Tromso, other important viewing areas include Ersfjordborn Village, Lofoten Island, Kirkenes, Alta and Nordkapp village.


Finland, along with Norway, is the most popular place to see the northern lights in Europe. To watch the northern lights, visiting Lapland in the northern region of Finland is the best option. The northern lights dance in the sky here two hundred nights a year. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sled tour or snowmobiles are preferred in this area to see the lights. Luxury glass igloos have also been made for visitors to experience and view the northern lights from the comfort and warmth of their beds.

aurora 4.jpg


Most of Russia is located within the Arctic Circle, and the sun is not visible for 6 weeks. Therefore, it is in an important position in terms of monitoring the northern lights. Kola peninsula, murmansk town, Taimyr Peninsula are the best places to watch the northern lights. You can camp, drive around or take a tour and experience watching the lights.


Sweden, another popular place to watch the northern lights, has a milder climate than other countries. Located in abisko national park, a small village in Sweden surrounded by mountains and often with clear skies, Aurora Sky Station is where the northern lights have the best chance of being seen. During the day, you can take a ski or snowmobile tour, take photo-oriented tours, and stay in a hotel made entirely of ice.

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Located 500 miles from the North Pole, one of the most visited places for tourists who want to witness the northern lights, transportation is provided by plane and boat. You can rent a stay or a private boat with views of the glacier and northern lights in this area. If you want more adventures, you can try a snowmobile, dog sled and a guide-in-the-north lights tour in the snow.

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