11 February 2022

Although Valentine's Day on February 14th is criticized, there are many couples who want to celebrate this day. If you're among these couples, we'll have a few suggestions for you to consider your day. Let's take a look at what you can do to save pleasant and unforgettable memories with your lover.

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Taste flavors you haven't tasted before.

It's always fun to taste different things. But when you do it with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you'll have more fun. If you are both interested in different cultures and flavors, you can try new food and beverages from the cuisine of any country. You can even try to taste the food or drink of your choice on site and then do it together at home. There's nothing like eating your own food at a nice dinner table. You can discuss how similar the food you prepare is to the real one, and have long conversations. This will allow you to discover new aspects of your lover and get to know each other better.

Go to the house of horrors.

If you want to have adrenaline-rush moments with your boyfriend, you can go to a house of horrors. You won't even know what's going on when you're scared and take refuge in each other while you're trying to get past the stages there. In fact, maybe when you don't get through the stages, you're going to get angry with each other. But after the game is over, you'll realize it's all so much fun. Despite all the dangers around, you enjoyed the moment and had a good day. You shared the lead roles as if you were in a horror movie... Isn't it wonderful?

Make jokes for each other.

If you're looking for something that's not a cliché for your partner, this is perhaps the most fun way. You can make jokes to him/her that she/he'll be surprised or afraid of. Think about what your lover likes and doesn't like, plan a joke accordingly. Of course, it's not enough to be a prank, but a little excitement will spice up your relationship. By learning your girlfriend/boyfriend's reaction to your joke, you'll be taking another step towards getting to know him/her. Valentine's Day might be an activity where you can laugh a lot with your girlfriend/boyfriend, don't you think?

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Make a short film or video.

It will be as enjoyable to shoot with your lover as it is to watch a movie. Edit a script and videotape it in your home or outdoors. You can even play it yourself in your movie. This is going to be even more fun. If you need the video you took, make a small edit. Watch what finally emerges by  popcorn. With the thrill of producing something together, you'll laugh a lot when you watch the movie you made amateurishly. No more what's in the vision for Valentine's Day! Anyway, you're already in the vision...

Paint together.

First, buy two canvases and paint pieces. Prepare your ingredients nicely and start your picture improvised. Draw abstract things if you want each other. Listen to a song you love at the same time. Chat and distract. You can tease each other with paint and make a mess like a child. But it's your day anyway, it's worth it. If you're not very skilled at painting, don't mind what comes out. Your goal is to have a pleasant and fun time. You can even gift your paintings to each other and hang them on your walls. Every time you look at them, you remember that day and you're happy.

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Play a game.

Make games on your own. For example, write down each other's characteristics on a paper and try to predict them, awarding the winner and penalized the loser. Remember, penalties with heavy sanctions are always more fun. If you don't want this type of game, you can try computer games. Bet again and decide what the winner and loser will do. As a matter of fact, at the end of the day, you'll both be victorious. You'll be making the most of your time with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Go camping.

As cold as February is, camping with your boyfriend will warm you up. Choose a scenic area and set up your tent there. Get all your food and drink, get your equipment back. Enjoy nature during the day. And in the evening, light your fire and sip your drinks. Have conversations, sing songs. Enjoy sleeping in your tent under the stars at night, hugging each other. If you want to be alone with your boyfriend and have romantic moments, we say think about camping.

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Go where you want to go but put it off.

If there is a country or city you have wanted to go to for a long time, it will be more special for you to go there on February 14th. You can do all the things you took the opportunity to postpone Valentine's Day in today. Discover the people, culture, history of where you're going. Walk the streets, participate in events. Take a lot of photos and make an album. Such an activity will be more convenient for you if you want to be outside and not at home. While time and space don't matter when you're with your boyfriend, spending your day walking around will bring you closer together.

Visit the animal shelters.

This suggestion, which sounded strange at first, actually makes a lot of sense. It will be very enjoyable for you to share your love with our animal friends on Valentine's Day. You can spend time with animals in shelters and feed them. If possible, you can contribute to the list of needs of shelters. Not joining the consumption frenzy of Valentine's Day and doing something useful will strengthen your bond with your lover. You and your boyfriend can spend the day in such a beautiful place. Maybe you'll take the first step towards adopting an animal and becoming a small family?

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Pyjamas, slippers, television day.

There's no such thing as something special and different on Valentine's Day. If you can't feel like doing anything, go to bed in your pajamas at home and watch tv shows or movies. Is there anything better than being next to your boyfriend/girlfriend in a warm bed? Just sitting together will make your day enjoyable. Away from the outside world, you'll have a great day alone. You can end the day by hugging and sleeping with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Happy Valentine's Day, February 14th!

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