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5 February 2021

Anyone who is interested in history and wanting to learn more about it may need a comprehensive historical atlas. This comprehensive historical atlas published by Adam Hart-Davis in 2007 is an unprecedented collection piece for history-lovers.

The atlas is named “History: The Definitive Visual Guide (From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day)”. It starts from the Cro-Magnon era of Homo Sapiens and explains all the events since then based on cultural, social, and technological aspects.

This most comprehensive historical atlas includes:

  • Inventions, discoveries, and ideas that shaped the world
  • A close-up to important architectural works, paintings, and sculptures
  • An evaluation of the relationship between mankind and natural world
  • Biographies of important figures and events they have witnessed
  • Comprehensive chronological timelines of key events in world countries


This matchless resource of a historical atlas of 612 pages in total tried to explain the story of mankind and the world we live in with images in a way to prioritize the visuals. Brought to us by Boyut Yayıncılık publishing house, this historical atlas is sold with its own personal certificate. Just a piece of information for potential buyers.

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