16 February 2024

Internet has become a necessity in today's world. It's not just for entertainment but also crucial for getting assistance in various matters. Especially for those who wish to travel abroad and experience the joy of discovering new places through journeys, having internet access at all times is essential. Because traveling without internet can be quite frustrating nowadays. Instead of asking for directions, it's possible to create a route by looking it up online and easily navigate to a destination abroad. Exploring and visiting venues and historical sites abroad is also best guided by internet on mobile phones.


However, accessing the internet can be quite expensive, especially due to international tariffs. This adds an extra cost for travelers. The new application called E-Sim aims to quickly solve this problem for people. With E-Sim, people can benefit from the internet abroad without any interruptions or facing extra costs.

What is E-Sim?

In our digitalized world, applications like virtual tickets and virtual cards are making people's lives much easier. Gone are the days of waiting for days to receive a physical card or finding a dealer to sign a contract, which could be quite tedious. Virtual card applications make it possible to perform many tasks, from gaming to banking, shopping to various social activities, with just a few clicks. Likewise, the application called E-Sim enables people to have access to the internet abroad through a virtual system that they can reach without physical presence.

There's no need to go through a hassle to activate the E-Sim application. Simply integrating it into the phone's software allows for immediate use. By following the activation procedures of E-Sim, the system starts working within minutes. Thus, there's no need for physical cards or sim cards. E-Sim has several significant advantages over physical cards. Listing them:



Under normal circumstances, connecting to the internet abroad via phone incurs extra charges. This imposes a significant cost on travelers. However, virtual E-Sim cards make international roaming fees much more affordable. It's possible to purchase economical digital packages and start using them immediately.


One of the most important features of E-Sim digital cards is their convenience. They eliminate steps such as subscribing to a physical sim card, inserting it into the phone, and activating it directly. It's possible to activate E-Sim practically within a few minutes.

Ease of Installation

There's no need to know too much to install E-Sim on the phone. The system is set up very easily and can be activated instantly. After purchasing the package, simply following the steps of the application may be sufficient.

Environmentally Friendly

Sim also eliminates the waste problem associated with plastic sim card usage. Both the envelope and the plastic waste from the card can have negative consequences for the environment. Therefore, registering for E-Sim without any hassle and enjoying the benefits of an environmentally friendly application is possible.


How to Use E-Sim?

We've talked about how e-sim features an easy setup and usage. Now, let's explain how to activate your e-sim. First off, ensure that the phone you want to use supports this application. Typically, phones that support e-sim include iPhone XS and newer models. Additionally, Android models like Galaxy S20 and later support e-sim. Some other phone models also support e-sim. If your phone supports e-sim, you can now purchase an e-sim application.

You can purchase the e-sim application from both operators and online channels. After the e-sim purchase process is complete, the operator will send the user a QR code or e-sim code. You can easily install the e-sim application on your phone using this code.

How to Economically Use the Internet with E-Sim?

E-sim is an application aimed at providing users with all kinds of conveniences. For instance, when you're traveling, if you get an e-sim suitable for the country you're visiting, you can use the internet much more economically. Moreover, since there are many operators and platforms available, you can choose one of the most cost-effective packages.

If you want to use the e-sim application more affordably, you can get multiple virtual e-sims. Nowadays, many phone models support multiple sims. This way, you can get multiple e-sims from different operators or platforms. This allows you to use the internet both for a longer time and more economically.

To use e-sim more economically, make sure to use Wi-Fi wherever available. This way, your e-sim expenses will be minimized, and you won't be financially burdened.

E-sim is the most commonly used application for frequent travelers or those planning to go abroad on vacation. It makes using the internet both more practical and more economical. It also eliminates internet connection issues. You can get affordable e-sim packages from different operators and services. Before going abroad, you can closely examine the operators in the countries you'll be visiting, integrate the e-sim system into these packages, and easily access the internet.

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