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5 November 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 3 August 2022

Morocco is one of the most popular holiday abroad options lately. Due to the fact that Turkish citizens do not ask for taxes, it has become a place that people in Turkey often prefer for their abroad holidays. Morocco is a country that is both very similar to Turkey and very different from Turkey. While its cuisine and cultural texture are very similar to us, the political regime and rules of the country are completely different from us. Although you may feel culturally comfortable traveling to such a mixed country, there are many things you need to learn before you go. Being familiar with the country's order and rules and knowing the things to be aware of while there are important points to make your trip much more enjoyable. So, in this article, we will convey the information you will need in Morocco. If you're ready, let's start.

One Country Three Climates

Morocco is a country that experiences three climates due to its geographical location. While the temperate Mediterranean climate is seen on the coastline, which has a coast to the Mediterranean, the desert climate dominates the interior of the country. In places that have a coast to the Atlantic Ocean, a maritime climate is seen. Therefore, prepare your suitcase considering the location of the city you are going to. It is also very important for your comfort to follow the weather conditions on the date you will go. Therefore, you should know the climate and weather conditions of the country well.

You must be fluent in Arabic, Spanish or English.

The most widely spoken language in Morocco is undoubtedly Arabic. But the Arabic in Morocco is a little different from the Arabic we imagine. This language, called Darija, is also referred to as "Moroccan Arabic". But don't worry, most people in touristic cities speak good English. Some of the locals are also very good at Spanish. Apart from these languages, local Moroccan languages ​​known as Tamazigt, Shelha and Sheluh are also spoken in the country. You don't need to look at the bad side of this situation. Because you are going to a different country and seeing different languages ​​will make your trip more valuable and meaningful.

What is the Best Time to Visit Morocco?

When Morocco is mentioned, summer months usually come to mind, but Morocco is very hot in summer, and winter months are not suitable for us to visit. Therefore, the ideal time to take a Moroccan holiday is spring! Especially May is the most preferred time to go to Morocco.

Do not return from Morocco without visiting these cities.

Rabat, the capital of Morocco. Although this is the heart of the country, it is not a preferred city for holidays. Therefore, you do not need to stop by Rabat just because it is the capital city and waste your time. Marrakech is Morocco's liveliest and most touristic city. There is a direct flight from Turkey to Marrakech, it takes about four hours. Since there is a meridian difference of 3 hours between us and Morocco, your journey will feel like it only took an hour when you get off the plane!

Another lively city of Morocco is Shafchawan. This city is famous for its blue buildings. Another city we recommend is Casablanca. But don't get your hopes up, unfortunately the movie has nothing to do with the city. Another place you can go after is Tangier. You should go and drink the coffee that will leave you with the taste of Morocco. When you go to these cities, you will have a good grasp of Morocco's unique hybrid culture. You will feel what Arab & Andalusian culture is blended with Mediterranean culture. Our last suggestion is to stop by the city of Fes for a day before returning. We do not recommend you stay here, but we think you should definitely see this city. Despite the other cities of Morocco that are developing rapidly and enriching with tourism, the city of Fes preserves its old culture. You should definitely visit this city!

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