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20 April 2023
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How about a little vacation getaway? If you’re looking for a place that you can visit without a visa and that will sweep you off your feet with its magnificent structures, you are in the right place. In this article, we have compiled the must-visit places in the Philippines that you can explore without a visa. So, let’s start the journey...


Boracay Island

Regarding visa-free exploration, the first place that comes to mind is undoubtedly the Philippines. At this point, the first stop you should definitely see is, of course, Boracay Island. In fact, if you think of making a list of the best beaches in the world, I am sure you would put the beautiful places of Boracay Island in the first place. In this context, we can say that this magnificent island, where you can enjoy your vacation under coconut trees on white and peaceful beaches, attracts tourists from almost all over the world.

Boracay Island, which is also known as a tropical paradise, is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, where you can spend time without getting bored for a moment with its colorful boat tours, fun water sports, convenient shopping spots, and restaurants. Therefore, if you have the opportunity in the Philippines, you should not return without visiting this island.


Manila Cathedral

Another place that comes to mind when you think of the Philippines is the Manila Cathedral. There is so much to say about the Cathedral at this point! But seeing it will be the most enjoyable activity you do for yourself. In this context, Manila Cathedral is known as one of the most admired churches with its unique architecture. In addition, with the spread of Christianity, it maintains its current position among the buildings built with Western architecture in the city. You will lose a lot if you go without seeing this unique Cathedral...

Manila Ocean Park

Our next stop is Manila Ocean Park, which is very popular in the Philippines. If you want to take a short trip to Manila Ocean Park, located in the Philippines, you can have the opportunity to discover the lives of the creatures hidden and hidden under the sea. On the other hand, you can visit all kinds of sea creatures, from fish that attract attention with their vivid colors and very different appearance to dangerous and cold-blooded sharks.


Manila Ocean Park, where you can have fun with your children with peace of mind in a very safe environment, welcomes visitors from all age groups. At the same time, if you want to visit this unique park, 2-3 hours of your time will be suitable and sufficient to visit the whole park.

Enchanted Kingdom

The destination we are going to talk about now can sweep you off your feet. Can you imagine stepping into a magical world when you visit the Philippines? Founded in 1995 by Mario and Cynthia Mamon with great care, Enchanted Kingdom is a full theme park where you can enjoy fun and pleasure! On the other hand, in the park, where you can find all the concepts you want from A to Z, there are also exciting toys such as fun-filled Ferris wheels, crazy gondolas, roller coasters, horror tunnels, and many more toys. You shouldn’t leave without stopping by this amazing place.

Fort Santiago

Another stop we will talk about is Fort Santiago. Located in Manila, Fort Santiago is one of the most important historical and touristic spots of the city. This fort, which was used during World War II and played an important role in defense of the city, is one of the most important buildings that has survived to the present day. It is also possible to visit Fort Santiago, one of the symbols of the city, between 08.00-21.00. On the other hand, you will not want to leave without seeing this magnificent place...

Burnham Park

Burnham Park, which has become an important landmark of the Philippines, is one of the peaceful places where the Filipino people prefer to relax and have a good time with their families. In addition to all these, it is also possible to have a picnic in this park, which was specially designed by American architect Daniel Burnham. You can also go cycling or take short walks.


On the other hand, if you want to travel on this lake, you only need to rent one of the gondolas by the lake for yourself. Thanks to the gondolas that anyone can easily use, you can easily sail on the lake and have a pleasant day. It is possible to visit Burnham Park at any time of the day and at any hour.

Basilica of Della Santo Nino Cebu

Another stop we will talk about will come to you as if it has come out of the dusty shelves of history. Built in 1565 by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi with great care, the Basilica of Della Santo Nino Cebu is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines. The church, which was damaged by earthquakes over time, has been rebuilt twice. In this context, we recommend you visit this magnificent historical church.

Cebu Taoist Temple

Here we come with another stop that smells of history... Cebu Taoucu Temple! Built in 1972 in Cebu, the Taoist Temple is one of the most popular places in the city. At the same time, this structure, which attracts a lot of attention and admiration with its architecture, like the Great Wall, is also open to those who do not believe in Taoism in the city. On the other hand, this center, where religious ceremonies take place, operates at an average height of 300 meters above the sea against a magnificent view. So, you will want to visit this unique place yourself.


Mines View Park

The last stop is one of the most popular parks. Do you want to feel the Philippines under your feet? Then Mines View Park is just for you. This natural wonder is a perfect place to take photos, take a walk and get some fresh air!


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