12 April 2021
Güncelleme Tarihi: 12 August 2022

Imagine sleeping in a tent with the sounds of birds at night, in the lush forests, against the blue sea view. Imagine camping in nature, away from the city. When your dream is going right, what is it? In an instant, insects and pests interrupted your dream. Don't panic. With the new trend Glamping, it is possible to camp or stay in nature in isolation without sacrificing your comfort. Glamping, also known as “luxury camping”, is ready to offer alternatives where you can experience a unique accommodation in the most beautiful destinations all over the world. The word "Glamping", which combines traditional camping with more luxurious accommodation, is derived from the English words "Glamorous", meaning fascinating, "Camping" meaning camping.

Especially considering the environment the world has been in for over a year, camping, caravan and glamping options have started to be considered as very popular holiday options. Enjoying camping in a comfortable environment, even in a luxurious environment beyond comfort, manages to make its enthusiasts happy thanks to glamping. Whether it's a luxury bungalow or a huge tent like a fully equipped hotel room, all of them are perfect for staying in nature in isolation, far from each other. Welcome to Glamping, where the beauty of enchanting nature meets luxury and comfort. With glamping, it is possible to get rid of the indispensable friends of nature, insects, wild animals, flowing tents, carrying a ton of goods, cooking, dressing in layers, and spending some time alone with nature without thinking about anything.

Great outdoor activities, diving or climbing a mountain, hiking in wonderful landscapes, but finally resting in the most comfortable places are very easy with glamping. There are many glamping options, from cozy cabins like your home to magnificent domes, wooden bungalows to giant tents with jacuzzis. With deluxe huts, cute prefabricated houses, lodges, unique villas, tree houses, safari tents, you will have the pleasure of camping and not give up on the comfort of the hotel. While camping, you can forget the narrow spaces you live in and welcome larger spaces. You can forget the old-fashioned camping heating and sleep in your comfortable beds with the natural heating of the place you left off. While you are camping, you can spend the time you spend on cleaning, order or food to explore more places in nature while glamping.

Glamping, which is the first choice of travelers and holiday lovers especially during the pandemic process and will definitely be the new definition of vacation in the future, is actually a type of accommodation that should definitely be tried. One of the countless examples of glamping in our country and in various parts of the world is a candidate to be ideal for you. Whether you have a romantic or adventurous spirit, you can develop your inner camp fire even further by glamping. Glamping will be the right choice for enthusiasts, whether for an isolated getaway or for a luxury stay with the taste of camping. Although traditional camping lovers do not prefer glamping, it is a fact that this alternative holiday option saves travelers who are between camping and luxury.

So what are the places where you can do glamping in Turkey? Let us answer this question for you. Galmping is much more popular in the world than in our country. But don't worry, our opportunities in Turkey are not limited either. Although it is a newly recognized and discovered type of accommodation, the number of people who prefer glamping is undeniable. Travelers and holidaymakers camping all over Turkey have succeeded in spreading this new type of accommodation. For example; You can stay in glamping areas such as Club Amazaon (Marmaris), Mona Clamping Caravan Suits (Izmir), Cambo Portakal (Antalya), Adaperest (Çanakkale).

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