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23 May 2022

Volunteer camps are a volunteer work program where young people can actively participate in works focused on social benefit and personal development in international environments. Volunteer work camps are generally open to all young people between the ages of 14 and 30, where there is no requirement to be a student and no special skills are required.

Volunteer work camps are usually planned by non-governmental organizations. In addition, private organizations and organization companies organize voluntary work programs for young people.

Volunteers work 30 hours a week in projects that should provide social benefit in volunteer work abroad camps. Volunteers can spend their free time participating in activities, excursions and social activities with other volunteers from different countries and local communities. Online applications can be made from anywhere in Turkey to the volunteer abroad camps, with a maximum of two people from each country.


Working Periods of Volunteer Abroad Camps

Volunteer work camps abroad are divided into 3 as short-term, medium-term and long-term. The vast majority of short-term volunteer camps last 2 weeks, medium-term volunteer camps last 1-6 months, and long-term volunteer camps last 6-12 months. Volunteer time usually ranges from 5 to 6 hours per day.

Overseas Volunteer Camp Conditions

Camp conditions vary according to voluntary camps. There are many free accommodation and meals such as hostels, guesthouses, tents, dormitories, houses. Transportation is usually provided by air. You will be given the transportation information of your destination and all the details about where and when you will meet the camp leader and how to reach you will be conveyed to you.

Types of Volunteer Camps Abroad

Volunteer camps, where young people can both work and have a vacation, consist of different types of work. These types of jobs include nature and environment camps, archeology camps, renewal camps, festival camps, culture and art camps and social camps. Young people participating in these voluntary work camps, which aim to create international environments by getting to know different cultures closely, contribute to the development of their communication skills with other volunteers in the group and local communities.


Countries with Volunteer Camps

Nearly 100 countries around the world, including many European countries, carry out educational and encouraging volunteer work programs where young people can benefit from public benefit projects. These countries include in the USA, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Estonia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Belarus, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Ireland, Lithuania, Moldova, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Morocco, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Peru, Japan, South Africa, Costa Rica, Albania and many more available .

Works Done in Volunteer Camps

In general, landscaping and protection, tree planting, natural park construction, construction of bicycle paths, beach cleaning, archaeological excavation site, museums, restoration, maintenance, repair, library, working in animal habitats and farms, local organization of festivals, photography, cinema, theatre, music, crafts, dance, content production in the field of graphics, web design, care for the elderly, assistance for the disabled, overseer in children's camps, working with refugees and homeless people, etc.

Benefits of Working in Volunteer Camps Abroad

You can make new friendships with other volunteers from different countries and local people, get to know different cultures and traditions closely, and learn a new language in active projects where you will work in volunteer camps abroad. You can establish strong bonds and close friendships with the people you collaborate with and travel with.

By volunteering, you can develop existing skills and learn new ones, and have ample scope to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You can also learn a lot of new things from your peers on the projects you work on that can be useful in the future.


Volunteering abroad in jobs that can provide social benefit, helping people to make their lives better makes you feel successful, happy and self-confident. Working in volunteer camps abroad is a great way to meet locals and gives you a unique experience. You can add this unique experience, where you can both work and have fun, to your resume and have the chance to find more jobs.

You can meet people of all ages and establish connections with professional people in the projects that are practiced in the volunteer camps. You can easily develop your new language skills both verbally and in writing. Among the numerous benefits of working in volunteer camps, you can work closely with volunteers from different countries, with a wide variety of professional people, to successfully complete your project, and learn closely how teamwork progresses. You can get to know all aspects of this type of organization and explore new countries at a lower cost while traveling, and have the opportunity to have a unique experience that will change your life.

By working in volunteer camps abroad, you can see how to effectively manage a team, whether a small or large group of people, and take your career prospects one step further.

Programs You Can Find International Volunteer Work Camps

Workcamps - International Voluntary Work Camps

Volunteer Services Association


European voluntary service

Koza Youth Association

Pi Youth Association





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