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28 October 2020
Vacation Spots in Bungalow and “Chalet” Style 

Time to time, we may feel pushed to the edge by everyone and everything around us. Our own routine may bore us, and we may want time off from this daily routine to recover and think. We sometimes need to be left alone under different circumstances to think. We know that you don’t exactly know where to go. We have a couple of travelling suggestions for you. 


• Rüzgar Dağı Camping - Sakarya

There is a large facility in Pamukova, Sakarya to clear your mind from the daily challenges. Consisting of bungalows and stone houses, the camping area only accepts adults. Built on a vast area of 25 decares, houses are located far from each other, allowing you to have some space on your own or with your loved ones. The facility is 25 km from the city center, allowing you to see many landmarks on your way there. There is a restaurant for breakfast, dinner, or any meal you want. 


• Villa Lukka Hotel - Antalya

Villa Lukka greets us with its luxurious and aesthetic structure. The facility offers bungalow houses and hotel services in Çıralı, Antalya. The hotel is named after Lycia’s other name “Lukka”, meaning the “Country of Light”.  You may think it to be a hotel in Bali at first sight. The facility has 3 decares of marvelous and colorful botanical garden. Villa Lukka has 13 ultra-luxurious and spacious bungalows, which are only 200 meters from the sea. Each house has a different interior style. The facility is children-friendly and invites you for a dreamy holiday. 


• Etenna Beach Bungalows Antalya

Dream about a relaxing location in the beachfront that will keep you away from stress as much as possible. That location is Etenna Beach Bungalows! The facility serves as a cute and cozy holiday village in Çıralı, Antalya. They have won our hearts by allowing pets in the facility. The facility can provide accommodation up to 45 people in the beachfront. Every spot is designed in the most modern and greenest way possible. The hotel is 1 km from Çıralı center. They also provide on-demand greeting and transfer services from Antalya airport.


• Nefes Mekan Boutique – Kırklareli

Our last hotel is one for plenty of fresh breaths. Nefes Mekan is a luxurious and cozy facility surrounded with Istranca Forests with plenty of splendid nature views. The hotel is managed by a media manager, an architect, and a scholar, who all got bored of city life. They opened this establishment only for those who want to recover and clear their minds. There is a pool in the facility. Three decares of the facility are croplands, meaning that all foods in the facility are organic from the field. The kitchen is open for you anytime you want for breakfasts or other meals. There is also a library to relax and read any book you pick. We need to add that the facility only accepts adults.

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