27 November 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 5 February 2021
The Law of Attraction: Change your Thoughts, Change your Life

If you knew the impact each sentence you speak (or even think of) has on your life,  you would be much more careful about the way you think and speak! That is true! Believed to be the fundamental operational law of the universe, that is how much the Law of Attraction affects our lives.


It is all about Energy

Everything contains Energy and the universe is tied to that energy. The universe is a whole, and we are a part of that “whole”. That is how the story begins. In fact, we are deeply connected with everything in this universe. We have an energy-wise connection with a person we don’t even know. If you want to activate the Law of Attraction, you need to start with energy.

The Secret: Intense and Pure Belief

Before anything else, clear and pure belief is critical for this law to work. You need to believe without fear and doubt. Believe in what? Whatever you want! Take a look at the richest people in the world. How did they become rich? By believing that they will be one day... Take a look at the top scoring students in a university entrance exam. They believed that they will get the top scores, they never doubted themselves. If you want to take control of your life, you need to start by believing. Then you will add small habits in your daily routine, which will activate the Law of Attraction to work on your behalf.


Trade your Negative Sentences with Positive Ones

Did you ever realize that the more you say “I can’t”, the more you can’t do it? Have you ever started believing that you can do something, and then you actually did it? Of course! See, the Law of Attraction worked on your behalf there. You attract whatever you think and say. If you believe that you can’t do something, then you can’t. But if you believe that you will accomplish it, you certainly will, sooner or later. 

As of today, eliminate the negative comments from your life and head. Try to use less of the negators. You will instantly feel your life flowing towards a better direction, in just a couple of days. As soon as you make a habit out of it, your life will change completely! Your dreams will come true!


The Inexplicable Power of Dreaming

Many people think that dreaming and imaging is childish. However, each dream brings us closer to reality. Dreaming and imagination is critical for the Law of Attraction. Because the mind cannot tell the difference between a dream and reality. And in fact, all the lives we have lived is stored in our minds. Whatever we truly feel and believe in will one day become our reality. 

You can attract your dreams through regular meditation and imagination exercises. All you need to do is close your eyes and start dreaming. Feeling like you are already living your dream, letting your heart beat as fast as it can... When you regularly work on these exercises, your energy will increase and attract your dreams.

Not the Future, but Today! 

Another way of turning your dreams into reality is affirmations! Remind yourself of certain sentences. Write these sentences on a notebook each morning if you have to. Write a text like you are already living your dream life. The universe will start working to make it a reality. But your sentences need to be in present tense. If you constantly use “will”, your wishes will constantly be postponed to the future, but the universe will work with you when you use present tense in your sentences. 

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