22 February 2023

Shopping is an undisputable part of our lives! All you have to do at this point is to scrutinize it. In addition, shopping that suits you and your budget will relieve you. Besides these, there are beautiful and different streets suitable for this concept. In this article, we have compiled Turkey’s best shopping streets for you. So, let’s examine it together.

Bağdat Street, Istanbul

Our first stop is Bağdat Street, which is very popular. At this point, Bağdat Street continues to be famous as one of the Istanbul shopping streets, which is known both in Turkey and in the world for its cleanliness, service, and shopping opportunities. In this context, it is possible to choose Bağdat Street to find almost all of the most famous brands in the fashion world and to have a pleasant time. In addition to all these, this street, which is considered very rich in terms of options, is located at a location where millions of people pass every day.

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Abdi İpekçi Street, Istanbul

Our next stop is Abdi İpekçi Street, which is located in the heart of Istanbul and contains many different stores. And it’s not limited to just that. This street is the apple of the eye not only of Turkiye but also of the world’s brands. In this context, the world’s favorite brands are competing to open stores on Abdi İpekçi Street, which is preferred by people with high incomes. You can believe that you will have a pleasant time with the cafes of Abdi İpekçi Street, which is the address of different and wonderful designs and tasteful clothes, and also with its chirpy structure.

Bodrum Bazaar, Muğla

Although the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Bodrum is to take a vacation, let’s not forget that Bodrum Bazaar is also highly preferred for shopping. Popular and big brands preferred in cities, unique ethnic textile products sold in boutique stores, various handicraft products, and, most importantly, leather sandals exclusive to Bodrum are located right in this bazaar. In this context, it’s possible to find almost anything you can think of in Bodrum Bazaar. Therefore, don’t forget to enjoy Bodrum Bazaar while you are on your holiday.

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Halaskargazi Street, Istanbul

Halaskargazi Street, which caters to both men’s and women’s clothing. At this point, Halaskargazi Street is renowned as one of the most preferred places in Turkey with its high-quality products. In addition to these, it is highly demanded and preferred by women from all over the world and Turkey, especially for evening wear. You can rest assured that you will find the quality pieces you want in Halaskargazi Street, which has become the center of many people in terms of clothing.

Işıklar Street, Antalya

We would like to talk to you about Işıklar Street, which is known as one of the best shopping streets in Antalya, where it reaches a sea of unique beauty. It is possible to spend hours on Işıklar Street without getting bored! At the same time, you can take a break for a meal and coffee right after shopping in the stores on the street, and if you wish, you can go down to the sea at the end of the street and get the perfect sea air. Işıklar Street, which is also very close to Kaleiçi and Güllük Streets, which are preferred for shopping, will give you an advantage in every sense.

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Cyprus Martyrs Street, Izmir

Our next stop, Cyprus Martyrs Street, which is known as one of the most popular places in İzmir, is among the routes of hundreds of people passing by the street every day. İzmir Cyprus Martyrs Street is located in Alsancak, which is the most preferred place by local and foreign tourists, especially by the locals of İzmir. At this point, we can say that Cyprus Martyrs Street, which is constantly alive with food, coffee, entertainment, and many other things, is among the preferences of people for shopping. At the same time, along with the boutique clothing stores on Cyprus Martyrs Street, you can also see famous stores when you move towards Konak. In this context, you should definitely stop by İzmir Cyprus Martyrs Street to have a pleasant time and to shop.

Kemeralti Bazaar, Izmir

The first place that comes to mind when Izmir is mentioned is Kemeraltı Bazaar. At this point, we will give you a small warning: hold on tight and get ready to get lost while you shop! Kemeraltı Bazaar is located on a route consisting of many streets connecting to each other instead of a single street. At the same time, you can find everything you need, from evening dresses to casual clothes, from shoes to bed linen, in Kemeraltı Bazaar, where local tradesmen are located, apart from the stores of a few well-known brands. In this context, this bazaar, which attracts the attention of tourists due to its historical structure, can be said to be a very solid place in terms of density.

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Tunalı Hılmı Street, Ankara

Our current stop is Tunalı Hilmi Street, which has become the most popular among the shopping streets in Ankara. At this point, it is possible to find famous stores on Tunalı Street, which is one of the places preferred by young people for socializing purposes. In addition, after a pleasant shopping, you can give yourself a little getaway by relieving the tiredness of the day with options such as food and coffee.

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