30 July 2020
Travel Tips for Sensible Travelers

Travelling may be a challenging task for many and sometimes, we need experience to make this process a little easier. We gathered 6 tips for those who wish to travel like an experienced traveler.

1- Always carry a water bottle with you

Water and foods are usually more expensive than usual at the airports. Thus, we suggest you carry small plastic water bottles with you at all times. You can refill these bottles from taps or public fountains, which can help you save a lot of money.

2- Download applications

Think about what you may need in your destination before travelling. You may need various applications for currency exchange, online check-in, entering airport lounges, translation or finding a location on maps. You can find and easily download various applications before your trip. 

A real life-changing tip. If you have ever visited a foreign country, you must have felt the fear of losing your passport. To overcome this fear, we suggest taking a picture of or photocopying your passport before your trip. This way, you won’t have to carry your passport around with you to enter unofficial places. 

4- Only pack what you need and dress in layers

Wherever you go, first thing to do must be checking the weather conditions and packing accordingly. Do not forget to be careful about textile, weight, and outlook of your clothes while choosing. If you need a flying tip, we can tell you to dress in layers to save some place in your suitcase.

5- Obtain a gel hand sanitizer

You may not be able to wash your hands whenever you need and you may find yourself in tough situations.  For moments like that, we suggest you carry around a hand sanitizer. You can use it anytime you need a quick refreshment or hygiene.

6- Pack a multi socket

One of the greatest challenges for international travelers is to charge several electronic devices at the same time. You can solve this problem by packing a multi socket that can charge all your devices simultaneously connected to your international adapter (plugs can vary from country to country, please check before your trip). 


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