19 October 2023

We are all excited to go abroad. Passports have been issued, plane tickets purchased, hotel reservations taken care of and visas approved. These were the stages where the biggest obstacles of this eagerly awaited trip were overcome. However, there is another stage that most people skip or have problems with later on, which is our topic today. The issue of being able to communicate abroad, either via the internet or by calling, is very important. Because when we reach abroad without solving this issue, the internet use we have is limited to the Wi-Fi networks of the hotels we stay in or the cafes and other food and beverage places we sit in. It must be said that while we do not know how convenient the speed and connectivity of the Wi-Fi lines offered by hotels and catering establishments to their customers are, indexing the communication and the internet we will use abroad only to these networks will undoubtedly offer a travel that is not very healthy. So, without wasting any more time, let's get into our topic. We wish you a good reading.

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Vodafone Abroad Guide

Let's start with Vodafone. Tariffs are divided into two as "Postpaid" or "Prepaid". However, whether postpaid or prepaid, tariffs vary according to countries. It should be noted that postpaid tariffs are more expensive than prepaid tariffs on Vodafone. Prepaid lines are divided into three groups according to regions around the world. In Group 1, which includes Europe and America, and all other regions, the price per 1 megabyte is 7 and a half Turkish Liras. The price per 1 SMS is 1.50 Turkish Liras in all regions, while the price per 1 minute for making calls in Group 1 is 5.50 Turkish Liras.

In the Middle East, Near East, Turkish Republics, Asia, Africa and Pacific regions, Group 2, the prices for SMS and internet usage are the same as in the other groups, while the price per minute is 9.90 Turkish Liras.

In Group 3, the other group consisting of satellites and seas, the call rate per minute increases to 10.90 Turkish Liras. These are prepaid standard tariffed international packages.

Let's take a look at postpaid packages. As with prepaid, the postpaid call rate for Group 1, which is for Europe and America, is 8.90 Turkish Liras per minute. Group 2, which includes the Middle East, Near East, Turkish Republics, Asia, Africa and Pacific regions, costs 14 Lira 90 kurus per minute. The price per minute in Group 3, which includes the seas and satellites, is 16 Lira 90 kurus.  For the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the rate per minute is 8 Lira 90 Kurus. In all groups and locations, SMS and internet prices remain constant. While the price of 1 SMS is 2 and a half Turkish Liras, the price of internet per 1 MB is 11 and a half Turkish Liras.

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Turk Telekom

Let's take a look at Turk Telekom, one of the other options. Turk Telekom, which has many international tariffs compared to Vodafone, has a Prime International Service tariff for Europe, USA, Russia and TRNC countries with 20 MB internet for 19 Lira 37 Kuruş, 50 MB internet for 45 Lira 87 Kuruş, 100 MB internet for 86 Lira 69 Kuruş and 400 MB internet for 255 Turkish Liras.

In other countries, 20 MB internet costs 56 Lira, 50 MB internet costs 127 Lira and 100 MB internet costs 204 Lira. There are daily prices in the tariff called Tarifen Yurt Dışında. Group 1, which includes almost all European countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Qatar, Kazakhstan, TRNC, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Armenia, Hong Kong and Iraq, is priced at TRY 169.90 for postpaid lines. In Group 2, which includes mostly African and Asian countries, the daily usage fee is 199 Turkish Liras.

In Group 3, which includes South and Central American countries and overseas countries, the price is 240 Turkish Liras. Apart from these, Türk Telekom also offers weekly 1 GB and 500 MB tariffs. The price of 1 GB of weekly internet is 100 Turkish Liras, while the price of 500 MB is 60 Turkish Liras. In addition, Turk Telekom also offers Graded Internet Lines with no package overages and special tariffs for Saudi Arabia. 

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As with Turk Telekom, Turkcell offers a variety of tariffs. In Turkcell's Turkey tariff, it is possible to use the same tariff for SMS, talk and internet without any additional charges. Available in 64 countries, this tariff is priced at 180 Turkish Liras per day. The Advantageous Package offers 2 GB of internet and 100 minutes of talk time for 440 Turkish Liras per month. In one of the other packages on Turkcell, 500 MB of internet per day costs 66.30 Turkish Liras. Just like Turk Telekom, Turkcell also offers special tariffs for Saudi Arabia.

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