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31 October 2023

Renowned for its array of antique shops, Çukurcuma stands as one of Istanbul's most historic and nostalgic neighborhoods. Its name, 'Çukurcuma,' meaning 'hollow well,' reflects its unique geographical depression compared to other parts of the city. This enclave is a time capsule, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its rich history. A must-visit spot in the vibrant Beyoğlu district, Çukurcuma boasts a distinctive Istanbul vibe. We've curated a list of must-see locales that capture the essence of this cherished neighborhood.


Faik Paşa Street

Faik Pasha Street, an ancient settlement within Istanbul, retains its historical charm, divided almost in two by social strata. On one side, opulent residences stand tall, adorned with intricate sculptures, while the other side exhibits a more modest, unassuming architecture, symbolizing the working class. Curiously, the street derives its name from an Italian pharmacist, adding to its intriguing narrative. Exploring Faik Pasha Street is a definite highlight of your Çukurcuma visit.

Cezayir Street

A prominent thoroughfare steeped in history, Algiers Street is among the quintessential landmarks of Çukurcuma. Stretching from beneath Galatasaray High School, this street tantalizes your taste buds with a diverse array of culinary offerings. Lined with quaint cafes, restaurants, antique shops, and souvenir stores, Algiers Street promises an enchanting experience. Be sure to include a visit to Algiers Street on your Çukurcuma itinerary.

Cafe Çukurcuma

For a leisurely break in this historic district, Cafe Çukurcuma is an ideal retreat. Effortlessly blending the neighborhood's historical allure with a modern ambiance, the café serves an extensive menu sure to satisfy any palate. Whether you fancy indulging in a hot cup of tea or coffee while perusing through their collection of books and magazines, Cafe Çukurcuma guarantees a delightful respite.


Cafe Lumiere Çukurcuma Cihangir

Vibrant and welcoming, Cafe Lumiere captivates visitors with its vibrant decor and warm hospitality. Its serene garden setting makes it a perfect haven for those seeking a tranquil escape. The café not only offers an enticing selection of beverages but also serves a delightful breakfast spread on weekends. With its distinct coffee flavors and inviting ambiance, Cafe Lumiere is a must-visit in Çukurcuma.

Asri Turşucusu (Asri Pickle) Cukurcuma

Bringing back memories of the iconic Turkish movie 'Vinegar or Lemon,' Asri Pickle Shop is a nostalgic haven, often drawing in enthusiasts looking to capture a glimpse of the Yeşilçam era. Don't miss the opportunity to visit Asri Pickle Shop and immerse yourself in that evocative vintage atmosphere during your Çukurcuma excursion.

Cihangir Mosque

Built by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in honor of his son, the renowned Cihangir Mosque stands as a testament to a poignant familial legacy. Historically, it commemorates Şehzade Cihangir, who passed away at the tender age of 22, grieving the loss of his elder brother Şehzade Mustafa. Although the mosque underwent several reconstructions due to natural calamities over the centuries, its current structure dates back to 1889 during the reign of Abdulhamid II. Ensure you include a visit to Cihangir Mosque, a captivating site that enthralls both local residents and tourists, on your Çukurcuma itinerary.



Cihangir Roman Park

Cihangir Roman Park and Artists Park is a must-visit spot in Çukurcuma. The most remarkable aspect of this park is its vantage point, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of Istanbul's oldest and most exquisite landmarks. From this park, you can catch sight of the Maiden's Tower, Haydarpaşa, Üsküdar, Topkapı Palace, and the Bosphorus. Don't forget to snap some souvenir photos with this stunning backdrop.

Masumiyet Müzesi (Museum of Innocence)

The Museum of Innocence, also situated in Cihangir Çukurcuma, takes its name from the literary work of Orhan Pamuk. Inside the Museum of Innocence, you'll find all the items referenced in the novel. Moreover, it exhibits numerous artifacts dating back to 1950s Istanbul. Since its opening to the public in 2012, the museum has showcased everything from the characters' personal belongings to their attire. If you enjoy exploring museums while in Çukurcuma, make sure not to overlook this gem.

Orhan Kemal Museum

Established in 2000 in honor of the writer Orhan Kemal, the museum is housed in a three-story building. It boasts a collection of the writer's personal belongings, theses, articles, books, typewriters, and other paraphernalia. Additionally, about 70 photographs taken by Ara Güler are exhibited in the museum. There's a cozy café named İkbal Kahvesi where you can enjoy a drink alongside the library.

49 Çukurcuma

If you find yourself craving a bite to eat during your excursion, consider stopping by 49 Çukurcuma. Known for its serene and peaceful ambiance, 49 Çukurcuma stands out, particularly for its delectable pizzas. You might want to sample their thin and scrumptious Pepperoni pizza. The welcoming staff at 49 Çukurcuma ensures a pleasant dining experience, catering to diverse tastes with its varied menu offerings.

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