12 July 2021

Just as Maraş of Turkey comes to mind first when ice cream is mentioned, the first address outside Turkey is undoubtedly Rome. As the capital of Italy, the city can also be described as the ice cream capital. So, where can we find Gelato, the best Roman ice cream with a name unique to the city? Now it’s time to take a pleasant journey through the streets of the ice cream city.

Gelato San Lorenzo: The flavor secret of San Lorenzo’s partners, Maurizio and Flavia, comes from not using any unnatural ingredients. Here, all ice creams stand out as they are free of food coloring, coloring, and trans-fat. In San Lorenzo, natural fibers are used instead of such artificial ingredients to provide the required density of ideal ice cream. We should also add that San Lorenzo ice creams are predominantly flavored with fruit, nuts, and honey and contain 25% less sugar. Lemon walnut, honey, and cinnamon pear, raspberry and basil, and creamy avocado are must-try flavors in San Lorenzo.


Gelateria Fatamorgana: One of the things that makes Fatamorgana special is its innovative experiments that are open to change. Quite different flavors are created by using products such as black rice, rose petals, white wine, and limes. Besides, another feature of the place is that it can offer gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free products. Fatamorgana is the right address for a wide variety and healthy ice creams.

Freddo Gelato: Emphasizing simplicity and quality, all products at Freddo Gelato are prepared daily and are 100% homemade. They offer their ice creams in plain metal containers, which the preservative and colorant cannot reach. In Freddo Gelato, which does not attach much importance to ostentatiousness, the main point is the unique taste. Those who want simplicity to meet with 100% naturalness and quality should definitely try this place. Among the delicious ice creams made with seasonal fruits, you should especially try mango and ginger.

Gelateria dell’Angeletto: Hidden in the Monti neighborhood, this place is one of the ice cream shops that offer gluten-free and vegan-friendly flavors. Traditional and seasonal ingredients turn into delicious flavors here. Especially the pleasant meeting of honey and rice can be considered one of the place's favorite options.

Gelateria dei Gracchi: The thing you should pay attention to during your Rona trip is to avoid the tourist-hunting places around St. Peter’s Basilica and Piazza del Popolo. After passing these trap places, you can reach Gelateria dei Gracchi, the address of real “gelato.” As a matter of fact, the place is constantly evaluated among the best ice cream places. The finest ingredients, from apples and mint to rum chocolate, are used fresh seasonally.


La Gourmandise: The shop mixes exotic ingredients such as lavender, saffron, ginger, and rose water with natural ingredients, often sourced from the open-air market on the parallel street. There are also water-based flavors such as mango with honey and gluten-free options for those with lactose intolerance. One of the unique features of the place is the use of Maltese goat milk in the products. This makes the ice creams have lighter flavors.