25 September 2020
New York - One City, 5 Patisseries

New York is probably the most cosmopolitan city in the world and without a doubt, it is one of the most curiosity evoking places. Even if you have never visited New York, you probably know that the city is full of the world’s best foods, a variety of entertainment options, and the most interesting cocktails. No matter the area, New York is home to the world’s most famous venues. If you are after never-seen-before desserts, let’s tour New York’s best patisseries.

Babka at Breads Bakery

If you believe Seinfeld to be an unforgettable TV character, then you already know about Babka. Episode 13 of Season 5 of the series was spared for this chocolate and cinnamon Jewish dessert. You can visit Breads Bakery for various Babka types if you want to actually try it. Of course the bakery has other dishes, but we especially suggest their babka. Don’t forget to order yourself a Cortado (made with espresso and hot milk) together with your dessert at this unique bakery.

Brioche at Recolte Bakery

If you are visiting the Manhattan district, you must stop by Recolte Bakery. This bakery combines various tastes from different locations in the world. All of their recipes are prepared with Japanese flour, making their desserts lighter and tastier. The smell of fresh butter coming from the French-style Brioche combined with strawberries or other fresh fruits on top will provide one of the best experiences in New York. The pies of this bakery are also extremely delicious. 

The French Workshop

If you love French desserts, you can stop by The French Workshop in Queens. Managed by a father and son, this bakery proves that New York is the best place to find various tastes from all around the world. Their Bourdaloue (pear pie) is the most sold dessert in the shop. Eclair and chocolate desserts are also loved. We suggest trying the mille-feuille with its crunchy layers and soft creme. 

Banana Pie at Burrow

Hidden in plain sight in a building, Burrow is a hard one to leave once you have entered. This modern venue will force you to leave your phone aside (because the reception is bad) and enjoy the feast of taste and smell inside. The bakery offers a wide range of breakfast options in the mornings. Their banana pies are very famous. Burrow’s banana pies with a light, balanced, and persistent taste will perfectly summarize the New Yorker experience.

Doughnut at Mah Ze Dahr

Doughnuts are the indispensable elements of every American movie and probably the best-known food of the American lifestyle. Or maybe it is pizza, who knows. But the doughnuts we are talking about are different. They are made of Brioche dough filled with creme and dipped in sugar with vanilla seeds. It is a taste from heaven. We should add that they also fill the hole in the middle. It is different. Just like New York.