6 December 2021

Though it may sound unlikely, traveling during pregnancy is just as normal as ordinary people. In fact, just like normal people, you can use any means of travel based on timing. Besides, the important thing is to know when and under what conditions to travel. It is also possible for the pregnant to spend their trip most appropriately without shaking her too much.


Travel Timing During Pregnancy

First and foremost, after the first months, one can travel quite comfortably and normally until the last days. For example, most airlines allow up to 28 to 36 weeks on domestic routes. Although there are minor changes according to the airline, the operation and purpose are generally not to put both the person and the company traveling in a difficult situation. In addition, keep in mind that on long flights or long trips, you should move or take a break if possible.

Road Journeys such as Train and Bus

Train or car journeys may cause more stress to the person as they take longer in terms of timing. Especially in the pandemic, both the use of masks and the stuffy environments can make the person even more nervous. Therefore, using private vehicles as much as possible will be more relaxing and less stressful for the pregnant. Also, the privilege of taking a break whenever she wishes will ensure that she experiences less stress and a comfortable environment.

Things to Consider While Traveling by Airplane

Critical flight journeys are already stressful enough for normal passengers, but they can also create more stress for the pregnant. Although this is due to the person’s fear of flying, fear of heights, or fear of travel, plane travels definitely cause more stress, even if it is a little bit. In particular, it will be beneficial for the person to move on the plane as much as possible to prevent swelling of the hands and feet. Stretching and flexion movements that accelerate blood circulation will also provide some relief.

At Istanbul Airport, pregnant passengers are in the category of “special guests” and can use separate transit routes defined for them both at the security gates and at the passport control areas. This is an extremely important action to offer pregnant passengers a safer journey, especially in today’s world, where the effects of the epidemic are still intense.


Effects of Sea Travel

The pregnant should avoid the sea voyage that affects most ordinary people because it can cause nausea and vomiting and shake the individual quite a lot. If it is necessary to take a sea voyage, it must be ensured that the person uses an appropriate medicine by consulting her doctor.

Things to Do on Every Travel

Whether it’s by plane or by car, there are some things to watch out for. For example, the person should not be dehydrated, and her freedom of movement and standing in a healthy sitting position should be ensured. Or, secondly, when using a seat belt, it may be helpful to fasten the seat belt at the level of the hips, not over the abdomen, because if the seat belt is fastened during an accident, it can cause trouble.

Nutrition with Sleep and Rest

Since stress and fatigue will be experienced during travel, you need to pay attention to sleep and rest in particular. It will be very beneficial to get as much light sleep as possible. It would be logical to get over the tiredness of the journey by sleeping, even if it is a little. It is also necessary to pay attention to the issue of nutrition. Eating light and low-fat meals instead of heavy and greasy meals will not affect the person. Otherwise, the pregnant may experience an uneasy trip by being affected by what they eat.


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